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What is Better? Organic Berry Powder or Liquid


Acai berry is the powerhouse of nutrition that we have discussed time and again, but in what form should we actually include it in our diet to make the most of it. Some say organic berry power is the best way to consume while others are swearing over the health benefits of acai berry liquid. While there are both powders and liquids available in the market that have very minimal amount of acai berry extract included in them as they are mixed with other ingredients, you can still find handful of pure supplements which are full of  acai berry nutritional value.

However, you cannot have the acai berry in its natural form because of its highly perishable properties and its advisable to consume the organic berry powder in its processed forms only, which can be either powder or liquid. Unlike the people of Brazilian rainforest who have the liberty to relish the acai berry in its natural form, all the other people have to use it either as a dessert topping or a food supplement to get is complete nutrition.

The food is full of health benefits one among them is its aid in weight loss that has made it popular among the masses. Acai berry powder when added to your favorite dessert, smoothie or any sweet dish makes for a delectable treat and provide a handful of nutrition that will not only keep your body healthy but will also help in effective weight loss. The organic berry powder when mixed with your various daily meals made for an excellent appetite suppressant thus reducing the chances of mid meal munching, which indeed is a great start for a healthy weight loss regimen. One of the many benefits that you can reap from acai powder is its ability to increase your metabolism, which keeps you active and fuller for a longer period of time.

Now the question that still remains is which form of acai berry is best suited for your health powder or liquid? To analyze that first you need to find out the pure strength of the product you are buying. Companies might claim that they are providing the best quality acai berry powder and juice, but still you need to go through the ingredients of the product thoroughly to check what all is mixed with the acai berry extract and what is their quantity. However, one should consider the fact that acai berry juice is three times more nutritional as compared to the powder because it is hardly mixed with any other flavor or ingredient. Thus it’s a complete value for the money as compared to the plethora of nutrients that it offers.


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