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Weight Loss Yoga- Very Gentle Way For Fast Weight Loss


Good yoga instruction makes one more aware of the body, alignment and patterns of movement. Beginning yoga is a great way to not only to lose flab, but to stay fit lifelong. In the right environment and setting, the yoga exercises, also known as yogaasanas, make the body supple and toned. Weight loss yoga is a very gentle way to stretch the body and makes it slimmer. Yoga training might not be the best for fast weight loss, but it is a wonderful way to keep the body and mind in shape. Yoga weight loss means losing fat that does not come back, if the yoga exercises are continued after the weight loss.

Beginning yoga

Beginning yoga is easy one has to find a convenient place for yoga instruction, or with yoga videos. The yoga movements are usually performed in a group, with a yoga mat with specialized yoga instruction. There are no expensive equipments required – the body’s own weight is used for resistance and a great deal of importance is accorded to the method with no stressful or abrupt movements. Even in the first week, one can feel the difference and the exercise makes one more energetic, happier and peaceful.

Different yoga styles

There are many different yoga styles, like ashtanga yoga, patanjali yoga etc, and they differ in their emphasis. The pilates yoga exercise system was formulated by joseph pilates over 80 years ago for cultivating more strength and lengthening the spine, and is especially popular among dancers. Pilates yoga exercises can be a valuable tool for enhancing strength, definition, and good posture, although it is not a complete balanced tool for all round well being.

Weight loss yoga

Weight loss yoga focuses on different asanas through which one can easily reduce extra fat from the body. Postures that stimulate sluggish glands to increase their hormonal secretions are included in the program, for example, asanas like shoulder stand and the fish posture are particularly effective for the thyroid gland, which secrete hormones that affect the body metabolism. Thus fat metabolism is increased with these exercises, as well as the muscle tone improved, which gives double benefit.

Yoga training reduces stress and anxiety

Yoga also entails deep breathing that increases the oxygen intake to the body cells, including the fat cells, inducing the conversion of these fat deposits to energy. Another amazing aspect of yoga training is that it reduces stress and anxiety. This stops the compulsive gobbling up of food, relaxes the mind so that the food is eaten with satisfaction and pleasure. Lesser calories are burnt with yoga than in other exercises, but it an extremely relaxing way of exercising, as it works with both the mind and the body. Weight loss yoga can be extremely fulfilling way of shedding those stubborn pounds, and can introduce a new kind of better healthier living.


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