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Weight Loss Recipe Strategy Ii: Low Sugar Loss Weight


Weight Loss Recipe Strategy II: Low sugar loss weight

REASON: Low sugar is a secret of loss weight. Low sugar supporters regard sugar is the first poison. Sugar stimulates your body to produce excess amount of insulin and accumulate fat. Therefore, low sugar ( eg. Bread, rice, potato, radish, water melon), and avoid to combine some particular food together (eg. Fruit with carbohydrate) can loss you weight and reduce our cholesterol.

Experts indicate, if you really can follow this strict rule day by day, you should be able to achieve the weight loss target, because, the food in this method contains very low Calories. A person need take 1200 Calories a day, 39% of them come from carbohydrate, and 28% come from fat.

Unfortunately, the answer is NO! First, the protein in this kind of recipe is doubled than expert’s suggestion. Second, the Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A and other essential elements are not enough in this recipe.

Low sugar supporters suggest that we should not only focus on fat. This is correct, because there is a situation which is that people reduce absorbing fat but weight increase. This comes from increasing Calories in the food.

According to experts’ analysis, the theory is not as regarding as low sugar weigh loss supporters, which is not that anti-insulin results overweight, but overweight results anti-insulin.

This recipe looks attractive, however, experts do no suggest it.

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