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Weight Loss Plateau


If you’ve been eating right and exercising, chances are, you’ve been losing weight at a rate of one or two pounds a week. However, as you get closer to your optimum weight, it usually gets harder to lose those last few pounds.
“You know you’ve hit a weight loss plateau when more than two weeks have gone by without any further change in your weight”. Many times, people slip out of plateaus on their own, but it can get discouraging to wait it out.”

What do you do then? Although it’s tempting to slip into crash diets, the best way to break the weight loss plateau is to review your current weight-loss program and try to find where the problem is. Keep a Food Diary

As you get comfortable with your diet, it’s easy to stop paying attention and fall back into old habits. A nibble here, a slightly larger snack, an extra glass of wine… It’s usually the little things that make all the difference. Starting a food diary will help you become more aware of what you’re actually eating. As long as you are in denial you will never reach your goals. Seeing it in black and white is the best way to break that weight loss plateau.

It’s important to be truthful to yourself and not change your eating habits while keeping the diary. Also, remember
to be specific –A baked potato is not the same as a baked potato with gravy and butter. You need to make the right choices!


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