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The use of herbs as medicine, for various medical ailments, dates back to the Aryan period. The practice of using herbs to cure and treat diseases is known as “Ayurveda”, or “holistic treatment” or “naturopathy”. The Ayurvedic method of treatment is primarily considered an Indian treatment, but was later taken up by the other countries, based on its results and effectiveness. Various herbs can be used to treat obesity depending on the physical constitution and food habits of an individual.

The herbs that are least effective in the long run are those that are classified as diuretics.
Green tea and dandelion are also part of this group along with buchu, birchbark and uva ursi. These herbs can address the problem of water retention but as soon as you stop taking them you gain the weight back when your body rehydrates itself.

Garcinia cambogia – It is referred to as one of the best weight loss herbs. Till date, no single possible adverse effect of Garcinia cambogia has been reported. It functions as a metabolic stimulant. It helps the body by integrating a slow metabolic action with an increased potential. It is an excellent appetite suppressant, which helps you to have a good control over your food craving.

Licorice Root – This interesting herb helps with weight loss in that it cuts out the cravings. You will find yourself not craving those afternoon snacks like you may have been. Licorice root doesn’t contain the high calories and carbohydrates as snack foods do. The one important thing to keep in mind though is that eating too much of it may have an adverse effect on blood pressure levels

Guarana is an effective stimulant of the central nervous system and used as a weight loss product due to its diuretic effects. Guar Gum is a dietary fiber that is obtained from the Indian cluster bean. Research shows that it is capable of decreasing cholesterol, controlling diabetes and achieving the desired weight loss. It is used to promote normal gastrointestinal motility and reduces the appetite owing to the feeling of being full that a person experiences on consumption.

Herbs for weight loss may work with someone does not guarantee that they will also work for you. Herbs have different reactions to a human body. If you plan to use herbs to help you lose weight, please consult your doctor to get information about the herb you would like to take. Also, your doctor can suggest appropriate herbs for weight loss that is suitable to your body and condition.

Another herb that are often found in a natural weight loss remedy is ginseng. If the hype is to be believed, these two ingredients of a typical natural weight loss remedy can modulate carbohydrate metabolism, which may affect a body’s composition and weight. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that indicates that this claim is based on facts.


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