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Weight Loss Herbal Tea is a Great Way to Lose Weight by Drinking it Throughout the Day


Weight loss herbal tea can help us lose weight by drinking a cup of it every day as a weight loss supplement. The herbal tea cannot make us lose weight on its own, but it is a great helper for our bodies.

Weight loss herbal tea is packed full of great herbs which can increase the speed our bodies lose weight, these herbs have many good properties which will help speed up our metabolism, cleanse our bodies of toxins, burn fat and calories, increase digestion and absorption of foods, fight viruses and bacteria, increase energy and so much more.

One of the great benefits of herbal teas is there is no caffeine, no chemicals just pure herbs from nature. That is all we need for our teas to work best, just place the tea bag or a bunch of the herb into a cup, fill with hot water and wait fifteen to thirty minutes.

Below is a small list of some very beneficial herbal teas for weight loss, each herb has its own properties and when blended together some herbs have an increased power. Remember the best herbs to buy are organic herbs, since you will be getting the highest quality.

Rooibos herbal tea, it is pronounced “roy-boss” meaning “red bush” in Afrikaans, this weight loss herbal tea has the power to help slow down the aging process by destroying free radicals which are tiny particles that cause our cells to break down and die off, it helps to relieve stomach ulcers, constipation, heartburn, insomnia and headaches. It is also very good at being a natural appetite suppressant, helping us to curve our over eating habits.

Cinnamon tea, this tea is great for losing weight, with some honey added it is even better. Never boil honey with anything, always use it raw. Cinnamon tea has many benefits, it helps to control blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, it helps kill bacteria and more.

Ginger tea, is another great weight loss herbal tea which is easy to make. Some of the benefits of ginger tea are lowering of cholesterol, an increased metabolism which helps burn fat, it improves digestion and is a great immune booster to name a few.

Ginkgo Biloba tea, this plant has many health benefits, it improves blood flow throughout our bodies, improves vision and memory, antioxidants for fighting disease, it may or may not directly reduce our weight but by helping us improve our blood flow and immune system we can help our bodies lose weight faster.

Yerba mate tea, this tea helps to lose weight by boosting our metabolic rate by 10%, it is good for blood cleansing, improving our nervous system, it helps with headaches, obesity, fatigue, arthritis, hemorrhoids, stress and more.

Acai Berry tea, this fruit is great as a juice or a tea, the acai berries have many good benefits to weight loss and our general health such as a stronger heart, better cardiovascular system, lowering levels of cholesterol, it’s an anti-aging antioxidant super food and more.

Nettle tea, this plant is excellent for losing weight, nettle leaves help to increase our thyroid function, which effectively helps us burn calories and fats faster, nettle also gets rid of mucus in the colon are allowing us to have better evacuation.

Ginseng tea, ginseng is an amazing root, so many benefits and it has been used for thousands of years. Some of its benefits are reducing cancer, control blood sugar levels for persons with diabetes, better immune system, helps lower bad cholesterol and more.

Dandelion Tea, this tea is full of many health benefits and can help with weight loss. It helps keep our liver, kidney and gallbladder all functioning at peak performance; it helps detoxification of our bodies, increased digestion and much more.

Licorice Root tea, has a great taste and is great for weight loss; it is used for people suffering from arthritis, constipation, inflammation and bronchitis. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and also helps in decreasing cravings for sweet foods.

St John’s wort tea, this tea has some great benefits to our health, it helps to increase our serotonin levels to our brain, which helps us feel good about ourselves, it improve sleep quality, good at helping with hypersomnia, tension, insomnia and is a great appetite suppressant.

Fennel tea, this seed is a great weight loss herbal tea, it has many benefits such as dispelling gas, it is an appetite suppressant and improves energy. Fennel is also good for the kidneys, liver, lungs, spleen and more.

Hibiscus tea, a great tea for weight loss and many health benefits. This tea has the ability to help decrease the absorption of unwanted fats, it is good for cleansing our bodies, it has antioxidant properties which help reduce the aging process, it lowers blood pressure and so much more.

Hawthorn tea, is full of health benefits and one of them helps to reduce fat and improve our circulation, it also helps with improving our adrenal and thyroid glands and a lot more.

Lemon Tea, is an excellent weight loss herbal tea, lemons have antibiotic and antiseptic properties so they are great for fighting diseases, they aid in digestion as well and help us lose weight by reducing fat.


Source by Acharya Hargreaves

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