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Weight Loss Drugs – Do They Really Work?


Glucofast, Nanotrim, Dynatrim and Acatrim are four important tropical medicines that are used to reduce excess body weight. All these medicines come from different manufactures that compete with each other to take over the market of slimming capsules meant for obese persons.

The manufactures who produce these pills claim that they do not use any harsh or toxic chemicals that can attract side effects while making these medicines at their laboratories. If they do not contain any chemicals, definitely all these medicines should be free from side effects that are commonly associated with prescription medicines used to reduce body weight.

The next question that should be addressed when we compare these medicines is the effectiveness of these medicines in addressing the health problem; the obesity or over weight of the body. As all of us know, it is the effectiveness of the ingredients that are used in a medicine, especially a medicine that use only natural ingredients, make a medicine safe and effective for those who consume it for a particular purpose.

Glucofast, a product of MicroNutra Health contains very effective natural ingredients that are time tested for their effectiveness to bringing down the body weight of the human beings. The natural ingredients of this medicine include Banaba Leaf extract, Bitter melon, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Commiphora mukul, Gymnema Syivestre, Juniper berries, Licorice, Yarrow leaves and Quercetin. All these ingredients that are used in making Glucofast are found to be very effective in maintaining body weight at a desirable limit. The perfect ration followed in mixing these ingredients also act as a reason behind the increasing popularity of this medicine to be used for controlling excess body weight.

The ingredients of Nanotrim, a weight control capsule from Nanonutra Labs include Vanadyl sulphate, L-Carnitne, Banaba leaf extract, Bitter Melon, Alphalipoic acid, Chromium chelate, Juniper berries, Gymnema sylvestre and Licorice. This medicine does not add many essential natural remedies that are included in Glucofast. For this reason Nanotrim seem to be less effective in brining weight under control when compared to Glucofast from MicroNutra Health.

Avatrim basically concentrate in utilising the good qualities of green tea and other potent thermogenic compounds to be utilised for controlling body weight of the persons suffering from obesity. The manufactures claim that regular use of Avatrim is good to control appetite, lower cholesterol, increase thermo genesis and to burn fat from the body slowly. When compared to Glucofast, this medicine takes a long time to bring the body weight under control and therefore is not suitable for the persons who want to get rid of the overweight problem within a limited time schedule.

When compared to Glucofast that comes to the top of the rating, Dynathin also is less effective in bringing a lasting remedy for overweight problem.


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