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Weight Loss Diets: If Women Knew These 6 Things Dr. Oz’d Be Out of Work


Weight loss diets are different from diets for diabetes control, cholesterol, detoxifying, weight gain, or muscle definition (like the kind that weight lifters use). There are a million weight loss diets out there, but do they really work?

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated than a “yes” or a “no”. While there are some diets that just plain do not work, or that can seriously harm you. The rest of the diet plans available to people who want to lose weight are fine, but it all depends on a variety of factors.

1.    How quickly do you want to lose weight?  

Some of the more extreme weight loss diets you find might help you get the weight off, if you only need to lose, say, 10 pounds or so. Just because you can lose a little weight quickly using a certain plan doesn’t mean that should be replicated five times in a row if you need to lose 50 pounds.

2.    Why are you overweight?

This question is one reason why any weight loss diet plan worth its weight (no pun intended) will recommend that you see your doctor before proceeding. Sometimes, weight gain can happen because of a health problem. If that’s the case, then dieting might exacerbate the problem.

3.    How’s your home life?  

If you’re overweight because you are an “emotional eater” then no weight loss diet in the world is going to help.  You need first to make sure that you’re healthy – not only physically, but mentally as well.  If you’re overeating because you’re stressed, depressed or because you’ve experienced a psychological trauma, then you need to seek help before starting any kind of weight loss diet.

4.    What bad habits have you picked up?  

Some people think they need to get on a weight loss plan to help them lose the weight, and they might be perfectly healthy eaters who simply have picked up a bad habit that, if stopped, would result in the weight loss they’ve been looking for. Check your daily and weekly routines and see if you can’t simply change something for the better. It could be anything from eating what your kids haven’t finished, to a daily ice cream break with co-workers, or a sudden lack of exercise due to an injury, or simply because it’s too darn cold outside.

5.    Have you recently had kids?  

Many women are desperate to get the weight off after giving birth. But, new mothers—especially those who are breast-feeding—have had not only a life-changing experience, but a body-changing one as well. This requires a different kind of weight loss diet than you might have chosen in the past. Do your research and find out about what your body needs now.

6.    How realistic is your weight loss diet plan?  

When you’re choosing one, you need to take into account not only how you eat now, but also how you want to eat in the future, after you’ve lost the weight. In addition, the plan should match your lifestyle. If you’re running around all day or you travel a lot, a diet that requires you to spend hours in the kitchen or make meals from scratch right before you eat them is probably not the one for you.


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