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Ustad The Divas 1080p Hindi

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Ustad The Divas 1080p Hindi

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AngularJS update model when using $watch within ng-click

I have a AngularJS scope variable called project.
When someone clicks a button, I want to call this angular function
$scope.flip() that inserts and removes a clicked project from a div.
When that happens, however, project becomes ‘null’. When I alert out project.name, however, it comes back as the proper value.
$scope.flip = function() {
var current = project;
$scope.project.name = ”;
$scope.project.id = ”;
return current;

$scope.$watch(‘project’, function(){
}, true);

I was just wondering why the value of project doesn’t update? If I put a timeout on the $watch method, I get that value but it’s still using the old value.


You should not put $scope.$watch inside the callback function as it will run on every digest cycle, if you call the function with $apply it will fire a digest cycle in order to update the value of your variable.
Then the watch should be triggered only on the first digest cycle, so you just need to put it inside the function.
So your code will be like the following:
$scope.flip = function() {
var current = project;
$scope.project.name = ”;
$scope.project.id = ”;
return current;

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As I mentioned in a previous post, we experienced a pretty bad storm this

Are You Over 18 To Download Ustad And The Divas Full album
Today I have a hot song of Ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal from the movie Ustad The Divas movie song. This is the Lyrics of the song, Keep Watch on by ustad Sultan Khan and Shreya Ghoshal.

Ustad Sultan Khan of Sitar, Delhi Sultanates. Download Ustad Sultan Khan YouTube. Son of the great Indian legend and vocalist Ustad Allauddin Khan, the Ustad Sultan Khan was born in Delhi. He first tasted success at the age of 21, when he sang in the film Miya Mausi and made a huge impression with his rendering of Kishuar Kishuar, and later composed music for a number of other films. He is most famous for his famous film song “Chura Liye Ki Chand” sung by Kishore Kumar and Hema Malini.Q:

setting td background color using ng-repeat and ng-class

So in my app I am using ng-repeat and I am trying to set the background color of every third td. The first and second td are both colored background color, but the third td is just blank. I’ve tried implementing a class, but it is just not working.
Here is my html.

{{ mail.Sender }}
{{ mail.Subject }}
{{ mail.Body }}

And here is my angular code.


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