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Using Daily Positive Thoughts To Lose Weight


Possibly you are surprised to know that you can use daily positive thoughts to lose weight, yet without a positive outlook or mindset, losing excess weight will be a struggle.  This is because your mind actually controls what you eat each and every day.  If you allow yourself to succumb to negative thoughts in regards to your diet they will ultimately destroy your will power and you will find that you are back to square one.

Most importantly, you need an unwavering belief that you are going to win the battle and reach your target weight.  If you lack belief you will have nothing to rely on when things become tough. As we all know when we are trying to shed some weight, there are often a few setbacks along the way. You need to stay focused and positive and not to allow any doubts to seep into your mind.

Losing weight with daily positive thoughts will help you retain a positive mindset but  to begin with, you need to set yourself realistic targets each week that are achievable.  There is nothing more demoralizing than setting yourself improbable targets because no matter how well you do you will always feel a failure if you do not reach the target you set yourself.

Positive thinking on a daily basis means using positive affirmations each and every day.  Spend at least a few minutes every morning and evening repeating your daily positive thoughts, telling yourself “I am losing weight in the perfect way”, “I am becoming healthier and slimmer”.  It is important to do this daily.

You obviously also need to come up with a sensible diet that lets you eat well, with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, some lean protein and plenty of unprocessed foods.  See a certified nutritionist if necessary to help guide you.  Be careful to not cut your calories down too much.  If you choose a diet that only allows only a minimal amount of calorie intake per day, you are going to become seriously depressed trying to keep to it, and you will ultimately fail in your goal to lose weight.  This will severely hamper your weight loss but also your ability to think positively.

Each and every day, spend some time reinforcing your goals to yourself, telling yourself where you are heading and picture yourself after you have reached your weight loss goal.  Visualize how fabulous you look, and imagine all your friends and family complimenting you on your new figure. Put these positive images in your mind a few times a day, repeating your affirmations and do this more often if there are moments when you are feeling jaded and a bit down.

Getting some exercise is as important as daily positive thoughts.  It is great for putting you in a positive frame of mind, as well as helping to burn calories. Try to exercise each day; even going for a ten minute walk helps.  Training your body will help you think positively everyday, helping you develop your confidence and improve all areas of your life, not just weight loss.


Source by K Hutchings-Olsson

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