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Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – If You Are Off Track Today, Fix It Tomorrow


To be fair, the feeling of falling off track is upsetting. It may hurt. You may be disappointed with yourself or feel intense regret; mainly when you want to achieve the goal, you set out to gain. If the goal is weight loss, falling off track is a common occurrence. So do not think for a moment this is unique to you or worse; that it is because of your inability to achieve or stay disciplined in some way.

It happens. On a long enough timeline, your execution will be less than perfect. You will make mistakes. A variety of things may cause the feeling of falling off track when trying to lose weight…

  • eating a large, unplanned meal.
  • overeating during a regular meal.
  • choosing to eat something impulsively, which you regret later.
  • missing too many workouts in a row, or
  • stalling and not seeing weight changes on the scales.

You must control your thoughts on realizing your error or lack of progress because you do not want to spiral into negativity. Deal with a setback for what it is – merely a delay.

You have to consider the big picture. There is no harm in taking a step back if you ensure the next two are forward. So the feelings of regret and frustration that arise when you feel you have gone off track should not overcome you because tomorrow presents an opportunity to fix your error or improve your direction.

If you ate a large meal today you didn’t plan for, so what if it means you will not make progress today? Get back to it tomorrow. There are 365 days in a year – if a quarter of those are setbacks, it still leaves you with 275 days to make progress. If you can make significant progress in losing weight and reducing your blood sugar in a few dozen days, the potential is limitless when you have this number of opportunities to work with.

Does it feel like you have stalled? Then take a moment to consider why. Rarely is it because of something you don’t know: usually, there is a way you could…

  • eat better,
  • eat a bit less, or
  • exercise more

that is evident to you. We all know we are capable of making an extra effort.

The point is to not be hard on yourself because this is how many people eventually give up. Give yourself a break. Life gets in the way sometimes. Get back at it tomorrow, with a clear focus and desire to fine-tune your direction, so you are on track again for success.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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