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Treadmill Weight Loss: 5 Ways a Treadmill Can Help You to Lose Weight


Treadmills are the most popular exercise equipment at the gym and for home exercising; this is because treadmills offer the best way to lose weight than any other form of exercise. Exercise is the only way to lose weight and sculpt a better body, but what happens if you do not like to work out?

Being bored

Becoming bored and not wanting to go to the gym to work out with muscle bound men and too skimpily dressed women can be a problem and an obstacle to getting a great workout and losing the weight you want.

Rather than going to a gym, getting a treadmill for home use is often a better choice.
This way you are in the comfort of your own home and you can even forget you are exercising. After all, you can set it up in front of the television and watch your favorite shows. You will soon see than an entire hour can pass without even noticing it.

Many treadmills have a rack you can put a magazine or book on, so you can read while exercising. Try using an incline on the treadmill (which can really give you a great workout) while reading a novel. The more you enjoy your workout, the more you will workout and forget you are exercising in the first place.

Treadmills Offer Versatility

Those funky fly by night gadgets they sell on infomercials only allow you to do one thing, whatever it is they were designed for. Most of them are repetitive and your body will adapt to the workout you are performing, allowing you to burn less calories in the long run. A treadmill machine on the other hand, offers versatility that allows your body to continue to burn calories.

If you are just starting your treadmill exercise program. The treadmill allows you to start slow by walking then allows you the opportunity to speed up as you gradually get fitter and more able to. If you are training for a marathon, it allows you to run at a consistent speed for long periods and builds in stamina and speed..

The treadmill allows you to either power walk or even get a nice steady jog, they can even allow you to walk uphill. If you add hand weights to your weight loss exercise, you can build your upper body strength as well.

Point is there are many ways you can use a treadmill for weight loss, these include:

Treadmills help you burn calories more

A new study has found that consumers have been overpaying for their gym memberships. The study finds that most people will overestimate how often they will use their gym services and do not visit the gym often enough to really make the membership make sense.

The reason could be that they simply do not have the time to go to the gym and this is where a treadmill machine will come in handy. This will increase your workout frequency and work out time. Experts say that two 15 minute exercises give the same benefits as one 30 minute one. A treadmill lets you separate your workouts into smaller ones that will allow you to burn just as many calories.

Home treadmills allow you to work out at your convenience and pace all year round

The convenience -This is the most important advantage to getting an at home treadmill for weight loss. If you live in a northern climate where the winter is pretty cold and snowy or even in the rain, exercise is the last thing on your mind.

A home treadmill allows you to continue with your exercise program in the comfort of your own home, regardless of the weather. Also, you can wear whatever clothing you wish and be comfortable.

Using your leg muscles burns more fat

Contrary to many reports the new claims are that a gentle walk is the best way to burn calories and lose weight. The reason is, gentle walking allows the body to directly use the fat stores in the body for energy instead of using the sugar stores which the body uses for quick energy.

Also there has been a study saying that the treadmill is ranked #1 for cardiovascular machine for losing weight and burning calories. Working the larger muscles in your legs burns more calories which in turn makes you lose weight. You can increase these calories burned by walking on an incline.

Given the benefit treadmills provide it’s no wonder sales continue to rise with more people starting at home exercise regimes. Losing weight and toning the body can be made easier and more fun by having a treadmill; after all it can help you achieve your weight loss goals!


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