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Train Simulator: NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On Android Apk Download |LINK|

Train Simulator: NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On Android Apk Download

If you are a fan of train simulation games, you might be interested in downloading the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator on your Android device. This add-on will let you experience the classic electric-multiple-unit railcars that have been serving the commuters of New Jersey for four decades.

What is the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On?

The NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On is a downloadable content (DLC) for Train Simulator, a realistic and immersive game that lets you drive various trains on different routes around the world. The add-on features the Arrow III EMUs, which are iconic railcars that began operating in 1978 and are still in service today on many NJ TRANSIT routes, including the North Jersey Coast Line, Morristown Line, and Northeast Corridor.

The Arrow III EMUs have a design heritage dating back to the Pennsylvania Railroad’s MP85-class “Pioneer” electrics and similar “Silverliner” EMUs. They were built by General Electric with carbodies supplied by Avco. The order consisted of 100 two-car married sets (with cabs on one end of each carbody and a shared pantograph) and 30 single cars with dual cabs. In the early 1990s, they underwent a fleet-wide rebuilding program that replaced their original DC propulsion with microprocessor-controlled AC systems and added dynamic-braking capabilities and other upgrades.

Why should you download the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On?

The NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On is a perfect addition to Train Simulator’s North Jersey Coast & Morristown Lines Route, which covers 100 miles of commuter railroading from New York Penn Station to Bay Head, New Jersey. The add-on will let you drive the Arrow III EMUs on this route, as well as on much of the North Jersey Coast Line and the Northeast Corridor. You will be able to enjoy the realistic operating controls and passenger interior view of these unique and noted railcars, as well as their distinctive sounds and visuals.

The add-on will also provide you with authentic operating opportunities, as the Arrow III EMUs have served regularly from both New York Penn Station and historic Hoboken Terminal. You will be able to follow realistic timetables and scenarios, or create your own custom ones with the included Quick Drive feature. You will also be able to explore the detailed scenery and landmarks along the route, such as Newark Liberty International Airport, Newark Broad Street Station, Summit Station, Morristown Station, Long Branch Station, Asbury Park Station, and more.

How to download the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator on Android?

To download the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator on your Android device, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have the base game Train Simulator Classic installed on your device. You can get it from the Google Play Store or from Steam.
  2. Purchase the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On from Steam. You can find it here.
  3. Launch the Steam app on your device and sign in with your account.
  4. Go to your Library and find Train Simulator Classic.
  5. Tap on the game and select Manage DLC.
  6. Find the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On and check the box to install it.
  7. Wait for the download and installation to complete.
  8. Launch Train Simulator Classic and enjoy driving the Arrow III EMUs on your Android device.

What are the reviews of the NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator?

The NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator has received mostly positive reviews from the users who have downloaded it. Here are some of the comments from the Steam page:

  • “This is a great DLC. The Arrow III is very well detailed and sounds great. The scenarios are challenging and fun. I highly recommend this add-on for anyone who likes NJ Transit or electric trains in general.” – TrainFan
  • “I love this add-on. The Arrow III is one of my favorite trains and it is very well done in this DLC. The cab view is realistic and the controls are easy to use. The scenarios are also very enjoyable and realistic. This is a must-have for any Train Simulator fan.” – NJTfan
  • “This add-on is amazing. The Arrow III is very accurate and detailed, both inside and outside. The sounds are also very good and match the real thing. The scenarios are varied and interesting, and cover different routes and times of day. This is one of the best DLCs for Train Simulator.” – ArrowLover

The NJ TRANSIT Arrow III EMU Add-On for Train Simulator has also been featured in some YouTube videos, where you can see the add-on in action and hear more opinions from the reviewers. Here are some of the links:



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