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Tips For Learning To Appreciate Yoga X From P90X


Even though Yoga has a lot of benefits for health conscious individuals such as improved flexibility and strength, reduces stress and increases blood flow and massages the central nervous system, the Yoga X tends to be one of the least favorite workouts in the P90X series. Many of the men that use P90X feel that Yoga will not help with fat loss, is a feminine workout or is just plain boring.

The first thing to overcome your hate for Yoga X is to understand that this workout was designed to improve flexibility, utilize your own body weight for many of the exercises so essentially you are performing strength training and it will stretch out the muscles to help reduce soreness from previous weight training workouts throughout the week. Tony is strong and flexible and a large chunk of the reason why he is is because he does Yoga.

So just how can you get over the hump of hating the Yoga X workout and actually enjoy it? The workout is just over 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first 40 minutes will require the bulk of your energy and you will quickly realize this as you begin to sweat like crazy. So my suggestion is that if you absolutely loath Yoga, then just make a commitment to do at least the first 40 minutes of the workout at first. You will still get a great calorie burn and as soon as the 40 minutes pass you may actually find yourself ready to challenge yourself with the part 2 of the Yoga X DVD which is a series of balance poses and holds.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with Yoga because you are having difficulty holding the poses or are lacking flexibility then it is recommended that you purchase a yoga block. Yoga blocks can help support and stabilize some of the holds especially when you find it difficult to touch the ground with one of your hands. They also are great for after you have improved and need a further stretch here or there.

I had never done Yoga prior to the P90X program and even though I really hated the Yoga X workout, I now find that the days I do the yoga workout I have the most energy and my body feels loose and relaxed. I now look forward to my after workout euphoria I receive from the DVD workout.

I hope these tips help you and that you can overcome your hatred of the workout too.


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