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The HCG Weight Loss YoYo

You will soon discover that daily weight loss won’t always be consistent on the HCG diet. This process is definitely full of highs and lows. There are numerous reasons that you won’t always experience a consistent reduction in weight.

First, water greatly impacts the weight scale. Retention and elimination of water can change from day-to-day, commonly for women. It isn’t uncommon to lose a pound a day during the initial four or five days on the diet. You will also witness lesser amounts of urine during each run to the lavatory. The next couple or few days can be a different story. You might see no drop in weight. That most likely will be followed by a second wave of weight loss.

If you’ve used diuretics in the past as a means of losing water weight, you are more likely to see a significant drop on the scale at the beginning of the HCG diet. However you may see little to no loss after the third week. Diuretics cause dehydration, meaning that you’ve only displaced the usual amount of water content within your body. The consumption of diurtetics should be shunned as a way to supplement weight loss.

Plateaus are very commonplace on the HCG diet, commonly during the second half of the process. As you move ahead to lose body fat, the more involved it becomes to peel off unwanted pounds and inches. Plateaus have been known to last as long as four-to-six days. They will eventually correct themselves, so there is no need to hit the panic button. The best thing to do is to continue and trust the process. If you have meticulously followed the diet, then you have already lost weight. Stick with it! You will eventually get past these obstacles.

Good Luck!

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