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The Benefits Of A Strength Training Program


An effective strength training program and a healthier diet can enhance weight loss while maintaining good health. In today’s rising problems with obesity, more and more people are gaining unwanted weight due to the quality of foods they eat and their chosen lifestyle. Concerns about obesity and other health issues brought about the need for healthier food options and proven exercise programs.

Strength Training Program for Men and Women is one of the Best Options to Consider

Numerous studies have proven that an appropriate strength training program is one of the most effective and healthy options for losing weight. However, before we can say that such a training program is truly the best option, it is essential that we first learn what it is all about. A strength training program involves exercises that make the muscles to tighten by resisting pressure provided by weights, rubber tubing, high-resistance equipment, or the individual’s own body weight by repeating a certain exercise step for about two minutes.

The different types of strength training program include:

  • Basic Strength Training Program is the common type used by people who want to lose weight while gaining strength and energy in order to be healthy.  The major objective of basic strength training program is to make the major muscle groups, ligaments, tendons, and joints strong, flexible, and healthy.
  • Hypertrophy Strength Training Program is usually used by people, especially athletes who want to add extra muscle bulk.
  • Maximal Strength Training Program is the type of training that focuses on developing strong coordination between nerves and muscles in order to create maximum strength.
  • Explosive Strength Training Program is for people who need explosive power in order to have maximum strength for a sport activity.
  • Muscular Endurance Strength Training Program is a training that concentrates on building strength to beat low resistance, but for an extended period. Marathoners and mountain climbers benefit from this training program.

Strength training programs may also be classified as weight training program, plyometric training program, and resistance training program.

Remarkable Benefits of a Reliable Strength Training Program

A reliable training program has numerous benefits in maintaining good health and providing the needed energy, especially among people over forty. Some of the remarkable benefits of a strength training program are:

  • Weight Loss – Strength training program that involves plyometric exercises and the use of weight lifting belts is most helpful in enhancing metabolism and burning calories that results to weight loss. Weight training for women keeps most women in shape and helps fight obesity.
  • Reduce Pains – Strength training program helps reduce back pains, muscle pains, and cramps.
  • Healthier Bones and Muscles – Strength training program helps in making bones healthier and minimizes osteoporosis. It also improves body posture and figure. Strength training also provides well-toned and firm muscles.
  • Anti-Aging Benefits – Strength training program is also helpful in preventing aging by improving the quality of skin, improves cardio and respiratory conditions, and increase muscle composition. Weight training is effective in the elevation of testosterone levels among older men as proven by studies on testosterone replacement.

Before you enroll in any strength training program, make sure that you first consult your doctor or any licensed physical therapist. It is crucial that the strength training exercises suit your body requirements. A wrong training program will result to more injuries than health benefits.

If you are doing the strength training program at home, find a good online personal trainer who can help you achieve your goal with the appropriate strength training program recommended by your doctor. Most online personal trainers are highly trained and hold certification from known fitness organizations. When you enroll in any of the online programs, you will definitely gain the numerous benefits from a strength training program.


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