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Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips – How to Lose Weight After Thanksgiving!


Ahh Thanksgiving, so much food in so short a time, here are some Thanksgiving Weight Loss Tips to help burn off those extra holiday pounds. Before I give you 3 tips for How to Lose Weight After Thanksgiving I suggest you consider doing the easiest & most popular way to lose weight there is! Find out all about it at the links below!

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We all tend to have the mindset that because it is a special occasion, its okay to over indulge if just for a few times a year. Unfortunately, all that excess food consumed, if only a few times a year, adds up. So the real question is, how do you lose weight during the holidays? I am going to share with you 3 holiday weight loss tips on how you can lose weight during the holidays and not have to pay for it later.

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #1 To Lose Weight During The Holidays – Never put it in your mind that oh I will make and exception this time or it is only a few times a year. If you really want to lose weight you need to focus on your goal long-term and forget about these one or few days of indulgence.

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #2 To Lose Weight During The Holidays – Never overeat. Know your limits and don’t eat until you are absolutely stuffed. If you need to unbutton your pants, then you’ve overeaten. Eat as you normally do portion wise. It is so easy to reach for that extra slice of ham or roast beef, but think how easy it will be to lose fat if you keep on eating like this. Not easy.

Holiday Weight Loss Tip #3 To Lose Weight During The Holidays – Watch How Much Sugar You Consume. Depending on what holiday is, there are different temptations – but pumpkin pies, Christmas cakes, rum cakes, sugary cookies, ice creams, puddings, Jellos and custards will all catch up to you. Your body can only take so much sugar a day, when you overload your body with an excess of sugar, not only will your weight be affected, but your health too! Watch your sugary drink intake too!


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