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Starvation Mode: Weight Loss Danger Zone


Most diets fail because they allow so little calorie intake that your body goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode is dangerous because eating too few calories leaves your body to ravage your muscles and bones for the nutrition it needs to function. When it’s starving, your body holds onto fat for dear life–defeating the whole point of weight loss!

The majority of diets out there aren’t based on science. For our hunter-gatherer ancestors, starvation mode made the difference between life and death in seasons when food became scarce. Even though it’s modern times, our bodies haven’t changed. When there’s a lot of food around, extra calories are stored as fat. When food is scarce, our bodies hold onto that fat for dear life.

In order to get your body to release stored fat, you need a fat loss plan that feeds your body. Simply avoiding going into starvation mode isn’t enough. In order to stick with any weight loss plan, it has to let you eat the foods you actually want to eat.

Fitness expert Joel Marion’s Cheat Your Way Thin is that plan. It can help you avoid starvation mode and lose weight in an easy, healthy, and satisfying way. With Cheat Your Way Thin, you will never have to starve your body to lose weight. The program takes a dramatically different approach to fat loss, letting you eat the foods you love–pizza, tacos, ice cream, hamburgers–while still losing fat.

Joel’s strategically planned “cheat” days give your body the fat and carbohydrates that it craves at perfectly scheduled, predictable times so you eat them just when your body is hungriest. Not only does this keep your body out of starvation mode, but it also keeps your spirits up because you’re getting the tasty food you love and the nutrition you need to thrive, not starve, your way to a better body.

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