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Recognizing The Symptoms Of Carpal Tunnel


Symptoms usually progress gradually over weeks and months and sometimes years. Anyone suffering frequently with numbness and tingling, or weakness of the hand should consult a doctor for a diagnosis. Symptoms often develop as follows:

  • Commonly the first symptom is numbness or tingling sensation caused in hands during night
  • Suddenly Loosing grip of fingers or hands, dropping things due to pain or numbness in hand muscles.
  • Severe pain in hands or wrist
  • Weakness in hands and wrist
  • Cold hands due to restriction of blood circulation. This is the most common symptom in CTS.
  • Unbearable pain in center of the forearm, shoulder and neck.
  • Loss of feeling sensations in the hands or fingers
  • Finger Pain, finger numbness particularly in the thumb or in the index or middle fingers.
  • Frequent numbness or tingling sensation may cause the hand to lose the ability to feel heat and cold. This symptom shows how severe the CTS is.

If you are experiencing these symptoms it shows you are in early stage of carpal tunnel syndrome. So with early diagnose it can be reduced within weeks. Mainly carpal tunnel can be detected in the nights such as waking up in the night with numb or pins and needles in hands o wrist. This is called chronic sleep loss. Chronic sleep loss is common with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Many people neglect this and think numbness is caused due to sleeping in awkward position or high pressure on hands. But this leads to very serious problems like heart problems, blood pressure, migraines and memory loss etc.But compared to men women will get carpal tunnel syndrome, because the carpal tunnel itself may be smaller in women than in men. Women suffer more from CTS than men with a ratio of 3:1.

CTS can be associated with many other diseases also such as pregnancy, obesity, Acromegaly (a chronic disease characterized by enlargement of the bones of head or soft parts of the feet and hands).

The main reasons that cause CTS are

  • Injuries cause on the hand or wrist.
  • Stress applied on the median nerve at the wrist¬†or hand like carrying or holding things for long time.
  • Over weight of body.
  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Driving or Working with the same hand for long hours.
  • Resting your hand on hard surface.
  • Repeated use of vibrating hand tools.

Even if you have any one of the symptoms immediately consult your doctor. Because a tiny problems can become serious health issue


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