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Rapid Weight Loss Tips That Really Work. – Tip # Eliminate Refined Starches


Rapid weight loss is possible when you get on the proper human diet that you are genetically designed to eat. In this article I will explain why eating a diet predominately consisting of refined starches, and not enough whole foods, will make it almost impossible for you to easily lose weight.

When you shift your diet to include a lot more raw vegetables like carrots and lettuce, stop eating foods that clog up your digestive tract, and cut way down on your sugar intake, you will start to lose weight fast. The rapid weight loss will partly be a result of old stuck food in your intestines finally being scraped out by good sources of fiber found in raw vegetables.

You see, refined starches are very very clogging to your digestive tract, and these types of foods (and their residues) get stuck in your body, and they start to rot before they are eliminated. Refined starches have had most of the fiber removed from them. Examples of refined starches are, white flour, pasta, biscuits, cookies, cakes, tortillas, crackers, snack chips, most breakfast cereals, white rice, corn chips, ect.

The fiber part of the food is what your digestive tract grabs onto to keep the food moving through your intestines. If you do eat a meal containing refined starches, you need to make sure that you eat them with as many raw neutral vegetables as possible. Raw neutral vegetables contain a lot of the good type of fiber that your body needs to keep the foods moving through your digestive tract without them getting stuck.

Refined starches have not been part of our food supply until recent years. In recent times, refined starches are consumed on a regular basis by most people in most societies. Obesity is an epidemic because of the type of food that we are eating. We are eating a diet that is not really fit for humans to eat if they want to remain healthy.

It takes complex machinery to remove the fiber portion of a plant food. In nature, no other animal eats refined starches (except animals that eat out of garbage dumpsters made by humans). Most animals on the planet eat it’s food unrefined and uncooked.

If rapid weight loss is something that you want to achieve, whether it is to fit into that dress you used to wear, or just look good and impress everyone at the beach this year, then you will want to cut out the sodas and other simple sugars found in deserts and sweets which make you gain weight fast, and cut out the refined starches.

If you need a sweet drink, raw orange juice or raw carrot juice is an excellent alternative. These raw juices contain enzymes, and alkaline minerals in them that will help your body to detoxify toxic fat stores on your body, which is one of the things required for healthy lasting weight loss and disease prevention in general.

You will also need to cut way down or eliminate your consumption of clogging fats like cheese, lard, bacon grease, and hydrogenated oils, and replace them with non-clogging types of oils like extra virgin olive oil.

If you do the things I have talked about in this article, you will have taken a big step towards setting your body up to lose weight without strenuous exercise, and you will also be giving your body the things that promote health, instead of the foods that destroy it.


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