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Rapid Weight Loss – 8 Tips


If you want to lose weight fast, we suggest that you come up with small but specific goals. Given below are a few tips that may help you with your rapid weight loss goals. Read on.

1. Eat your breakfast

If you want to start your day well, we suggest that you eat a healthy breakfast. This will keep you full and satisfied throughout the day. Your breakfast should give you at least 500 calories. Aside from this, make sure your meal includes lean protein and filling fat, such as nut butters, greek yogurt, beans and eggs.

2. Go for whole foods

The food you eat should be whole. In other words, you may want to stay away from processed or packaged stuff. While planning, make sure that every item is fresh. Whenever you buy fruits and vegetables, make sure they are fresh.

3. Know your limits

As far as buying snacks is concerned, each serving should be 140mg of sodium.

4. Go for a cup of coffee

In the morning, you may want to have a cup of coffee. As a matter of fact, caffeine is a great source of antioxidants that protect your body from damage. But keep in mind that you may not want to have more than 400mg of caffeine on a daily basis.

5. Beverages

You may not feel full by drinking liquid calories. The reason is that we are used to eating real food. Drinking juice won’t give you the satisfaction that you can get by eating food. Therefore, we suggest that you keep an eye on your intake of soda, juice, tea drinks, sweetened coffee and alcoholic beverages.

6. Eat spicy foods

Yes, eating spicy foods will help you reduce your calorie intake. The reason is that capsaicin (the substance found in cayenne peppers and jalapeno) can boost the release of adrenaline. As a result, your metabolism will get a boost and you will burn a lot more calories. So, you may go for jalapenos, oregano, black pepper, turmeric and ginger, just to name a few.

7. Go to bed

You may gain fat because of sleep deprivation. According to a lot of research studies, if you don’t get at least 7 hours of sleep, your metabolism will slow down. Aside from this, when you stay awake for a prolonged period of time, you will feel more hungry. Therefore, we suggest that you go to bed before midnight. This will help you lose weight fast.

8. Write it down

Research studies suggest that if you keep a record of whatever you eat, you will be more likely to shed the extra pounds. Moreover, you will also be able to maintain your weight. Writing everything down will help you be accountable for whatever you eat. Aside from this, if you maintain a record, it will help you identify other areas that may help you achieve your weight loss goals.

So, if you have been trying to lose weight fast, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article.


Source by Whipple Van Ness Jones III

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