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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar


An organic apple a day keeps the doctor and the pounds away

One of today’s great debates is whether or not organic fruits and vegetables are better for us than chemically enhanced crops. Although scientists have confirmed that organic produce has positive effects on nutritional quality, some are still unconvinced. Ask yourself this question: “Does the term ‘organic’ sound healthier than ‘chemical’?

A recipe for maintaining good health includes eating naturally-grown foods and whole grains. Adding organic apple cider vinegar to the mix will not only increase the nutritional value of your food, but will also help you shed those extra pounds!

Artificial vs. natural
Organic Apple Cider VinegarArtificial fertilization can create extremely large and shiny fruits that look absolutely scrumptious, but one bite is all it takes to realize that they definitely lack flavor. Why? Because the process of artificial fertilization includes swelling the fruit with water in order to produce mass. Naturally grown fruits may be much smaller in size but they are full of great taste as well as healthy nutrients. Chemicals are also added to increase longevity and protect the plants from insect infestation. These pesticides usually coat the fruits with a resistant wax-like substance that is difficult to remove. Moreover, they destroy many of the nutrients and minerals that the fruit would have produced naturally.

Vital nutrients and minerals
In comparison to chemically-enhanced fruits and veggies, organic produce is higher in phytonutrients since they rely on their own natural defense system instead of the protection provided by pesticides and toxins. Studies conducted internationally conclude that organic fruits, such as apples, peaches and kiwis, contain larger concentrations of polyphenols, vitamin C, betacarotene and flavonids than conventionally grown ones. These nutrients help the human body fight off illnesses and diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and diabetes. Eating organic does not only benefit our overall health but can also be beneficial in attaining weight loss.

Organic apples and weight loss

Organic apples, as well as other fruits, help reduce weight in several ways:

  • Fiber – Naturally-grown produce contains higher levels of soluble and insoluble fiber than produce treated with pesticides. Since fiber expands in the stomach, it helps the body feel full for a longer period of time.
  • Low in sodium – Low levels of sodium promote organic weight loss by preventing excess water retention.
  • Enzymes – Apples contain an abundance of enzymes which help the body digest food more efficiently, again helping to shed off those extra pounds.

Organic apple cider vinegar

A well-known natural weight loss option is a diet that includes organic apple cider vinegar. People have been using this beneficial vinegar to reduce weight and improve blood circulation for hundreds of years as it is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. The combination of vitamins and the pH level of organic apple cider vinegar help to detoxify the body, speed up the metabolism and burn calories. Two tablespoons before a meal will help break down ingested fat.

Eating naturally-grown produce increases vitality and can result in organic weight loss. Undoubtedly, it is a healthier choice, but what will truly convince you is taste – one bite and you will make a permanent switch to organic.


Source by Lucas Van Der Burg

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