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Many people wonder, after finding out about HCG injections, if HCG weight loss efforts are efficient. HCG weight loss via injections is not a new concept by any means ; the concept of using HCG as a dieting help was first introduced by ATW Simeons in the early 1950s ; a doctor who claimed that dieters can partake of a five hundred calorie per day diet without hunger if HCG injections were used. Hcg weight loss treatment has been identified as Simeons treatment, and many of us still use this method in order to effectively lose weight.

HCG hormones are in the body naturally ; this hormone becomes present in large amounts in the body of a pregnant female. Studies have shown that HCG actually has the ability to cause fat to calorie conversions in pregnant women as well as metabolic increases. The second research was translated into the assumption HCG hormones may be used to produce an identical effect in the body of people looking to lose pounds. The first benefits derived from the use of HCG hormones and HCG oral supplements include one’s ability to eat a brilliant lowcal diet without hunger pains, headaches, vertigo, or nausea. Some experts have also cited the concept users of HCG weight loss supplements and injections also lose significantly more blubber than do dieters that don’t rely on the product.

The Federal Drug Administration hasn’t officially licensed the use of HCG injections as a weight loss help ; however the product is still available on the market for use. This hormone can be copied in the laboratory and a synthetic version has been made to be used. The utilization of HCG has proven beneficial for fertility issues as well.

HCG injections or oral supplements are dropped at individuals under a doctor’s care and this act is usually accompanied by the employment of a brilliant low calorie diet to promote weight loss. The individual looking to take advantage of HCG weight loss injections or oral supplements must be prepared to work closely with their physician in order to ensure lengthened health and dieting success.
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