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Omegasvelt And Liposvelt – Can They Help You Lose Weight?


Omegasvelt and Liposvelt are two of the latest weight loss pills. The name Omegasvelt suggests this product contains Omega 3 fatty acids, a class of lipids who’s health promoting properties are scientifically proved. Fish, fish oils, and various plant oils are especially rich in Omega3 and the related Omega6 compounds. There is, however, no credible evidence that Omega fatty acids themselves produce significant weight loss. The few websites that actively promote Omegasvelt claim that the principal ingredient ‘Citrus Aurantium’, a substance supposedly rich in Polyamine Beta-Stimulants (PBS), increases metabolic rate [RMR] and body thermogenesis. They go on to calim multiple health benefits for this product:

– rapid, permanent, weight loss that requires no changes to daily regimen
– loss of all excess fat
– abdomen becomes firm and flat
– regulation of metabolism
– regulation of cholesterol levels
– purification and draining of excess water, due to the ingredient ‘Spirea Ulmaria’
– restoration of youthful appearance
– general feeling of well being

A pill that does all that, while burning 60 lbs of fat per month, cannot be cheap. A 30 day supply costs $58; a 60 day supply $87.
According to one vendor: “OmegaSvelt capsules make you lose 2 pounds a day, while purifying and reinforcing your organism. No need to deprive yourself of the foods you love. And there is no need for exercise, willpower, or counting calories. You’ll lose weight without being aware of it, simply by taking your OmegaSvelt capsules. Spirea Ulmaria is a powerful diuretic and an excellent purgative. Spirea Ulmaria is an effective weight loss aid because it helps eliminate cellulite and fat zones”.

These are the sort of exaggerated claims that should put consumers on alert!

If information on Omegasvelt is scarce, then Liposvelt is a complete mystery. Research leads me to believe it is a variant of Omegasvelt, with similar claimed benefits.¬†However, according to one investigative source: “Liposvelt consists of hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin, fennel (seed), chicory root, onion powder. Nothing here we can see that would cause weight loss”. The product is promoted with flyers and is available only by mail order. Information searches produce an avalanche of complaints, and little else. Not surprisingly, there is no service phone number or way to get a refund.


There are hundreds of pills and potions on the market that promise miraculous weight loss. If any of them could do what these products claim the weight loss industry would probably have disappeared by now.

There is compelling evidence that both Omegasvelt and Liposvelt are merely the latest Montreal-based weight loss frauds. Consumers would be wise to regard these products with the greatest skepticism and avoid them altogether.

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Source by Michael Merry

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