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My Experience Using Raspberry Ketone for Weight Loss


The Beginning of My Journey

I first heard about Raspberry Ketones from a well known TV doctor. This was a little over a year ago when I was first starting my weight loss journey. At the time I wasn’t taking any supplements, I had recently started eating healthier and had started walking and working out at the gym a couple times a week.

Prior to watching the show I had never really believed that a supplement could help me lose weight, I was 100% sold on the “eat healthy and workout” way to lose weight. After watching the show and looking into the supplement a little more I decided to give it a try, its inexpensive and I was willing to try anything (within reason) to lose weight. From research I knew Raspberry Ketone was natural and safe so I didn’t have a lot to lose (other than LB’s).

This one decision, the acceptance of supplements into my weight loss mix no has no doubt helped me lose 30 or more pounds.

How Does it Work

Warning: Please prepare yourself as I may talk a little nerdy in the following paragraphs.

Raspberry Ketone helps with weight loss by starting lipolysis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat, in essence Raspberry Ketone takes the fat from a stored state, which is common in overweight and obese people, to a state where the body can use it as energy. Fat is a form of energy that is under utilized in those of us with tons of weight to lose. This ability to start the breakdown of fat is a huge reason why the supplement is effective.

The regulation of adiponectin, which is tied to the above is another reason why Raspberry Ketone is helpful in losing weight. Adiponectin is a hormone that has been found to be tied with obesity. High levels of adiponectin have been linked to being skinny, the reverse is also true, with low levels being linked to obesity. Adiponectin tricks your body into believing it is skinny, so high levels of adiponectin tell your body “Hey Your Skinny, start acting like it” and the body responds by letting go of fat. Raspberry Ketone has been found to increase levels of adiponectin which in turn raises the body’s metabolism and leads to the loss of fat.

This concludes my description of how Raspberry Ketone works, if you are not a fan or talking nerdy you can now start reading again!


Obviously the number one benefit of Raspberry Ketone is weight loss and specifically fat loss. Some have also found that it helps suppress your appetite causing you to eat fewer calories. I have never tried to track this as I feel like it would be rather complicated. I never noticed myself more full than prior to starting the supplement. I would be interested if anyone has actually tested this on themselves.

Side Effects

Raspberry Ketone is natural so it is regarded as safe, there are no known negative side effects. With that being said there are things to look for and people who shouldn’t take the supplement. The supplement was created for adults so it is not recommended that kids or teens take Raspberry Ketone. You should also pay attention to the ingredients as some times companies will add fillers or binders or additional ingredients. Sometimes these ingredients are not safe, or have additional side effects. Personally I stick with pure Raspberry Ketone. Also women who are pregnant or nursing shouldn’t take the supplement, you shouldn’t take any weight loss supplement when you are pregnant or nursing.

My Results

Since I also work out and eat healthy every month, it’s hard to judge how much of my weight loss comes from this one supplement, but I know my losses went up after starting the supplement. I also have tested it in a couple of different ways but nothing 100% definite as to its effectiveness. My goal has always been losing weight so I don’t want to affect that goal by doing a proper test and potentially wasting time not taking a supplement that is helping me. For those reasons my results section of this will be somewhat speculation based on my limited tests and the way I feel about the supplement.

I have been taking Raspberry Ketone ever since I first found out about it. For that reason it is certainly the supplement I have had the most success with. On average I would say I could probably attribute 2-3 pounds of my weight loss to the Raspberry Ketone supplement. On average I have lost around 6-7 pounds a month for the last year, so 2 or so pounds is a decent chunk of that.

Suggested Dosage

There are tons of opinions about the recommended dosage, I have always chosen the highest to maximize my losses. In my research I found that the optimal dosage is 500mg twice per day, so that is what I take. I have also seen lower dosages suggested but since there is certainly no harm in taking 1000 mg a day and very little cost difference I opt for the 1000 mg a day.

Who Should and Who Shouldn’t Take the Supplement

I have already addressed this briefly in a section above but I will clarify below.

Who Shouldn’t Take This Supplement

  • Women who are nursing or pregnant
  • If you are under 18
  • If you take a medicine you feel may be affected (talk to your Doctor)

Who Will Benefit for This Supplement

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight that doesn’t fall into a category above

*Of course for legal reasons I should state that none of this constitutes medical advice, you should always consult your Doctor with any concerns you may have.

My Brand Choices

In this section I will outline any brands I currently take as well as brands I have taken in the past and note whether they were successful or not.

Currently I take a Raspberry Ketone Supplement from Ava Falco. You can find a link to their Amazon.com page in the section below. You can also check out their website http://www.AvaFalco.com


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