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Losing Weight Quickly With Yellow Tea!


Yellow tea is a great way to lose weight overnight. It has been proven that it has a great impact on burning those redundant fat cells. It has been the most searched beverage for some time now. It is really a great way to start losing weight.

Studies have shown that yellow tea promotes the burning of excess fat tissue and increases energy consumption, which is needed for digestion, absorption and metabolism of food. The enzyme which can be found in it, stimulates the oxidation of fat and the result is the reduction of fat tissue. The tea is produced exclusively in China. This golden – yellow liquid is supposed to be so efficient, that with regular drinking you can lose two to three pounds a week.

Excellent antioxidant

Despite the fact that it has a golden – yellow color, it contains the same antioxidants as green tea, but does not taste that bitter, which is a characteristic, specific for green tea. Yellow tea flavor is mild, but often described as a beverage that tastes and smells like it was made of fruits. It was discovered 1300 years ago, but due to the rather complex method of obtaining this tea it wasn’t produced massively for quite some time.

Cancer and Infections

Yellow tea is obtained from the leaves and buds of Camellia sinensis plants same as black, green, oolong and white tea. From these other teas the yellow one distinguishes himself due to the specific process of production. Yellow tea ferments and oxidizes much longer than green tea. Leaves are harvested earlier and because of that more antioxidants which have been generated during the growth of the plants are retained. The process of drying the leaves is much slower. The distinctive yellow color is gained through the partly oxidized leaves. During the process of slow drying the tea loses his bitter taste which is a characteristic of the green tea, therefore some people prefer this golden – yellow beverage over the green one. This tea is not only perfect for losing weight, but it also helps preventing diseases like cancer and works great against infections.


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