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Lipitrex Weight Loss Supplement Reviewed


Lipitrex is an all natural appetite suppressant, and fat burner, with no side affects, according to the manufacturer Progressive Health. This is definitely a plus, because side affects have always been a concern when taking weight loss pills. Problems like rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and becoming dizzy have kept many people from trying these types of supplements.

One of the primary functions of Lipitrex is to raise your metabolism. Raising your metabolism is very important to losing weight. People with a fast metabolism tend to have more energy, and their system burns calories instead of storing them, even when they are resting. People with a slow metabolism store their calories in the form of excess weight.

Lipitrex raises your metabolism with an all natural ingredient called Citrus Aurantium Extract (bitter orange). This natural fruit has been extensively studied for its ability to provide increases in the body’s metabolic rate, and its potential for increasing the rate at which fat is released from the body.

Another primary function of Lipitrex is to suppress the users appetite. One of the hardest parts of losing weight is resisting the constant nagging urge to eat. If you can remove that problem, a dieter has a much better chance for success.

Lipitrex takes care of this problem with an all natural ingredient called Pinno Thin. PinnoThin is a pine tree extract, which encourages secretion of hunger depressants, greatly reducing the constant urge to eat.

Another benefit of Lipitrex is to control your blood glucose. When you eat, everything eventually turns to sugar, or glucose, and enters the blood stream. Lipitrex has an all natural ingredient called Chromium which helps control the glucose level in your blood and also helps reduce fat in the body. Controlling your blood glucose or sugar, is very good for your health, and makes you feel better, and more energetic.

Some of the other all natural ingredients in Lipitrex are Vitamin B-5, which is a healthy supplement that helps the body burn carbohydrates and fat resources at optimum levels. Vitamin B-6 which helps in improving homocysteine levels in the body and helps in the assimilation of protein into the body.

Caffeine which is considered a good supplement, helps burn fatty acids and improves energy levels if taken in proper concentration levels, and Magnesium, an important mineral, which helps in energizing the body.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an amazing fat-reducing acid that works on fat deposits and targets regions that store large amounts of fat, such as the stomach area, and also helps in developing lean muscles.

Losing weight is not only good for your appearance, but is a major boost to your health. Everyday I read a new article about research linking another health problem to being over weight. Being overweight for too many years can cause damage that may become permanent.

Losing weight is never easy, and is usually something everyone dreads, but with a positive attitude, some health eating habits, a little mild exercise like walking, and a good weight loss supplement like Lipitrex to help you along, you can succeed.


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