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Kirstie Alley's Big Life: The Real Weight Loss Sequel


Cheers TV fans! Kirstie Alley is back. Get ready for many more weight loss images of her in full living color. Kirstie Alley is returning to TV for real. Well, for a reality TV series anyway. And this time she again seems larger than life, since countless weight loss photos show her personal weight is far north of 200 pounds.

“Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” is the new Sunday night series starting March 21st on A & E. I’ve been shown the trailer for the series. As a longtime television professional, I feel quite safe in reporting the content of “Kirstie Alley’s Big Life” looks rather “interesting” to say the very least.

Now at 59, the two-time Emmy Award winning actress hopes the series will help her to regain popularity. However, she also hopes to lose weight again as part of the show’s story line. Kirstie reveals, “You’re going to see me lose weight in the show. We always see the before and after weight loss photos, but we never see the in between. The in between of weight loss photos is really the meat and potatoes. Pardon the pun.”

The cast for the series includes Kirstie Alley, her son, True, and her daughter, Lillie (both are from Kirstie’s former marriage to ex-Hardy Boy, Parker Stevenson). Then there’s Ms. Alley’s two young assistants, Kelly and Kyle, as well as her friend Jim, whom she labels her “Chubby Buddy.” As if that’s not a wide enough unpredictable characters, Kirstie Alley also owns 25 animals, some of them wild. Viewers will also catch wild moments involving paparazzi and more.

I’m old enough to remember how many guys like me across America thought Kirstie Alley was sexy during her appearing on the hit TV show, “Cheers” 20 years ago. Unfortunately today, the physique of the 5-foot-8 actress looks more like the Cheers character, “Norm.” She is considered obese, reportedly weighing in somewhere in the neighborhood of 230 pounds.

Kirstie Alley’s weight loss gained nationwide attention as the spokesperson for Jenny Craig a couple of years ago when she lost 75 pounds on the program. But when that business relationship was severed in 2008, Kirstie regained all of the weight she lost…and some.

Do you wonder if the paparazzi will be as motivated to capture Kirstie Alley weight loss images as they were snapping photos after her huge weight gains. For now, Kirstie Alley the actress and the woman is a big target and she knows it.

She confirms the title of her new TV show stating bluntly, “I have a big life. I’ve had all these reincarnations in one lifetime.” She is right. I just hope for her sake, she succeeds in this next incarnation as an actress. More importantly, I also hope Kirstie Alley returns in this next life as a highly visible real weight loss success story.

Millions of men and women who might watch her series are themselves busy with their own up and down battles with personal weight loss goals. Another big-time weight loss win by Kirstie Alley would surely inspire many to see the before and after weight loss photos of their dreams come true once and for all.




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