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Janet Jackson’s Weight Loss Secrets


Janet Jackson has made recent waves in the entertainment industry with her phenomenal 70 pound (that’s seventy pounds!) weight-loss success, piqued particularly by her album release last spring. Since childhood, Janet has struggled with bouts of yo-yo dieting in an unforgiving cycle of false weight-loss promises that millions of dieters worldwide (and their wallets) have also fallen prey to. Motivated by her own success and the desire to help other struggling dieters, Janet and her world-renowned personal trainer Tony Martinez have decided to reveal the exact weight-loss regimen she followed to lose an unbelievable 70 pounds.

During the filming of her latest series of music videos, Janet’s producers suggested utilizing a revealing, full-bodied production theme that showcased her phsyical features. To tone and sculpt her famously sexy legs, Janet’s personal trainer devised a top-secret (until now!) lower-body workout: reverse lunges, toe touches, good mornings and 30-degree-angled leg-presses, which developed her signature toned upper-legs.

**UPDATE: Janet Jackson’s complete, uncensored weight-loss program (yes, the one she used to lose 70 pounds!) is now available! To view the rest of the “Janet Jackson Weight Loss Secrets,” go to http://www.janetjacksonweight-loss.com, which also includes the scandalous “Janet Jackson Weight Loss Picture.” I’m afraid that Janet’s lawyers are going to shut the site down any day now, so download Janet’s weight loss plan and pictures at http://www.janetjacksonweight-loss.com before they find it first.


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