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How Not To Achieve Fast Weight Loss Without Pills


Women Clamping Teeth to Achieve Fast Weight Loss Without Pills

This is not to be thought of as some old fashioned method, a desperate method at that, for a person to lose weight at all, it is still happening! As alarming as it sounds, women still resort to the outdated method of clamping one’s teeth in order to achieve fast weight loss without pills, despite the information age that we now find ourselves in.

Truth be told, we live in the era of oppressive societies and the brainwashing mass media that uses subliminal messaging to impose upon in particular, women, the standards of beauty. The message is an unopposed, unchallenged and subliminally oppressive: “the thinner the better”.

This one method can be held responsible for the self esteem (the lack thereof) issues that a lot of young women in a country like Botswana find themselves regarding their bodies. This method finds itself being a pretty fashionable trend in this small country north of South Africa.

Clamping Promotes Diets For Quick Weight Loss

Teeth clamping, used primarily for fast weight loss without pills, involves a process that leaves teeth locked for a period of up to six weeks. During this period teeth cannot be brushed, giving a wide smile becomes a rarity and speaking becomes tedious labor. Fruit juice and water with lemon and cayenne peppers are used as diets for quick weight loss or fad diets.

It can be appreciated from this method how achieving fast weight loss without pills can have harmful side effects to the body. Skipping meals or not even eating properly for a prolonged period slows down the body’s metabolic rate close to a halt. This can effectively damage the body’s metabolism for good.

Something that is most likely behind the rapid re-gain of the weight lost as soon as the clamps are removed. Because the method does not go to the root cause of the problem, that is weight gain, it is similar to dusting the leaves of a plant that is beginning to wilt instead of watering the roots.

As soon as the clamps are gone, the incumbents go back to their old eating habits but now with a dysfunctional metabolic rate, guaranteeing a quicker regain of the weight than maintaining the lost weight.

The method, just like diets for quick weight loss, is a short cut that won’t work as it seeks to work against the body and not WITH the body. It tries to deny the fact that weight gain is a reflection of a lifestyle riddled with not so ideal eating habits and a general inactivity.

Realizing That Women Are Created Beautiful

It is a re-inforcement of the mis-informed ideology perpetuated by the media that the female body is to be continually sculpted, that it was inadequately designed and therefore lacks perfection. This is totally mis-educative and self serving as the media moguls make Billions of dollars out of the wrong messages being continually sent out to innocent people.

The realization amongst women should be that the advertising industry will never have their interests at heart but of its own and that is to make a profit off the mis-education.

Instead of resorting to teeth clamping, women need to acknowledge their individuality, make peace with themselves by identifying with their inner bodies and stop trying to achieve fast weight loss without using pills or resorting to diets for quick weight loss or Fads.


Source by Miranda Vorster

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