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Hcg Weight Loss: How It Works


HCG weight loss works in several ways, ranging from actual biochemical changes in the brain to behavioral changes. It is a diet plan that works in virtually every facet of a dieter’s life, which is why it seems to be such a successful way to lose weight. Below, we outline the ways in which the hormone works, and how the diet plan itself complements the work the hormone does in the body.

1.    The hypothalamus is reprogrammed by the hormone

When the body is low on HCG hormone, the hypothalamus is not kept under regulation and allows the body to burn structural fat and lean muscle tissue rather than excess fat stores. By taking a supplement of the hormone, the hypothalamus can be brought under control, which triggers the body to burn the excess fat, which causes obesity.

2.    The metabolism is reset once the hypothalamus is under control

Once the hypothalamus is under control, the body’s metabolism is reset. This means that a person can consume a low-calorie diet while on the plan and still burn only the excess fat that causes obesity. This also means that once the dieter has met her personal weight goals, he or she will be more readily able to keep the weight off permanently.

3.    Dieters experience more energy and less hunger once the body burns fat

These two biochemical changes are keys to the success of the diet, because they help dieters to feel full more readily and to have more energy. Once the body begins burning extra fat, it begins to get all the nutrients it needs. This means that while a dieter may be eating a low-calorie diet on the plan, he or she will not feel hungry between meals. In addition, he or she will not feel sluggish or weak, as is often the case with low-calorie diets. This means that he or she is more likely to stick with the plan and not binge eat.

4.    Dieters learn healthy eating habits and portion control

Aside from biochemical changes in the body, the plan also helps dieters modify their behavior, which is essential to lasting success on any weight loss program. Dieters learn to distinguish between feeling hungry and being full. They learn portion control, as the low-calorie diet encourages portion control as a necessity. This behavior will continue to help the dieter even after he or she has met his or her weight loss goal.

HCG weight loss is rapid, but also appears to be lasting thanks to the changes it makes in all dieters. It is a diet that should be considered by anyone who has had issues with yo-yo dieting, as it really helps transform behavioral patterns as well as body chemistry.


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