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Getting Rid of Belly Fat – Weight Loss Tips For Men


Let’s be honest, there’s only one man in the world who can get away with having a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly and chances are, you’re not him.

Belly fat on men is one of the most unattractive looks, but beyond the aesthetics, belly fat is also a leading indicator of heart disease. If you want to lose fat around your waist for not only the way you look but for your health here are a few weight loss tips for men.

Hector Milla Editor of the “Weight Loss For Men” website — http://www.WeightLossForMenusa.com — pointed out;

“…Muscle burns more calories naturally than fat, so developing long lean muscles is a key to weight loss around the belly. This doesn’t mean doing hundreds of sit ups, in fact, while sit ups can increase the density of abdominal muscles they have very little to do with weight loss around the stomach. You would be better served developing larger muscle groups like the back and chest through pushups and pull ups. The larger muscle groups will burn more calories naturally, which will burn the fat around your belly. Next you need to increase cardio…”

Increasing cardio can be easily accomplished even as you watch your favorite show on television. It’s simple, just stand up and shadowbox every time the show is on. During the commercials, perform squats using your body weight as resistance. You will be shooting for high repetitions which will build lean muscle mass. The fact that you add movement to an ordinarily sedentary lifestyle will increase the amount of calories you expend which in turn will burn fat.

In addition to adding cardio exercise to your daily routine and building muscle density in large muscle groups you can use supplementation to decrease fat. There are several fruits acting as weight loss supplements, some of them have formulas that have been created with men in mind, for example Acai Berry can help you burn fat and live a healthier life. Acai berry has natural health properties that can help you look and feel younger, and help develop a lean waistline.

“…Studies have shown that every man needs to decrease the size of his waist, if it’s larger around than the length of his inseam. So if you wear a 36 x 32 size jeans, you’ve just found your weight loss goal. You need to be a 32 x 32 or better a 30 x 32 size. The chance for heart disease increases with each additional inch around the belly. Higher levels of belly fat means better chance of a heart attack. Your best protection is to build lean muscle mass and decrease fat through increased cardio and supplementing with acai berry…” H. Milla added.

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