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Four Components of Weight Loss


The hard fact is that we didn’t put these pounds on overnight and they are not going to come off overnight. Accept the fact that real weight loss is a slow process. Sure; you can shed a few pounds very quickly, however, unless you change your lifestyle the pounds will creep back on as fast as they came off.

Lifestyle is the key. Don’t use the word DIET because this can set you up for failure. Everybody hears the word and they unintentionally may try to sabotage you. If you say you’re trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle people will generally try to help.

The components of your new lifestyle should include:

1. Exercise: Set up your exercise program in a realistic fashion. Make it fun and not something you’re going to dread. You should find something that you can enjoy. Even a 30 minute walk will work but just do it.

2. Eating Plan: Most experts agree that you should eat at least 4 to 6 meals each day with smaller portions. The meals should be well balanced.

3. A Journal: Keep a journal to track your progress. Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally fall off your program. Remember that even professional pilots and the airplane trips are off course at least 90% of the time. A journal like a compass will help you see when you drift off course and allow you to make a few adjustments to get back on course.

4. Set a Goal: All journeys begin with a destination. Set your goal but be realistic; you should find a model of your similar body size and structure.

Take a picture and place it where you can look at it occasionally to inspire you in your efforts. Do not model yourself after one of the media types that will project you into failure. Remember that you have to be real.

The joy in any journey is not in reaching the goal but it is the journey itself. Set mile posts for your journey and rejoice when you hit one. Use this to motivate you to your next mile post.

There are many programs and plans that are available to help you begin your journey and give your suggestions throughout your path to being healthy. Most of them are reasonable in price but you cannot put a price on your personal health and well being.

Your journey begins with your mindset and with you.


Source by Warren Reidhead

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