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Food Habits To Lose Weight – How To Lose Pounds Without Even Trying


Here’s another personal tip of mine that helped me to lose weight and gain new, much healthier eating habits. I look better than ever before and that includes the complexion of my skin, hair and nails.

Just like a dog, if you feed him bad food his coat will show it. If you feed him good food, his coat will have a magnificent glossy sheen to it. To some degree, we are not really that different. We are similarly the product of what we eat.

Lose Weight With New Food Habits

You know, you can lose weight so long as you eat fewer calories than you burn. Theoretically, you can eat pure junk food and so long as your body burns the energy and additionally some of your fat then you will still lose weight.

However, junk food is part and parcel of the problem. It contributes to obesity because it is adulterated and so highly refined that it is like a drug: it delivers a quick kick and the pancreas is forced to deliver a quick shot of insulin.

Junk causes your blood sugar to spike and fall like this all day long. People who eat too many refined foods like this eventually lose some pancreatic function and are officially classed as having Type II diabetes. They then need to take daily shots of insulin or control their diet carefully.

This yo-yoing of blood sugar also causes you to have intermittent hunger pangs and this leads to eating more food than your body really needs.

If you lose the junk in your diet and replace it with better food then you will immediately start enjoying the health benefits. And because you won’t get as many hunger pangs, you will also be less likely to eat too much and you will therefore be able to maintain your calorific deficit and subsequently maintain regular fat loss until you reach your desired goal weight.

Fruits Are Your Friend

Fruits are the perfect food package created by nature. They contain vitamins, fibre and water and are even packaged in their own biodegradable and waterproof packaging.

Frankly, everybody should be eating more fruits. I don’t advocate a 100% fruit diet because it would be a shame to miss out on modern food. But there is no doubt about it, people would be much healthier if they ate more fruit. Fruit also makes the perfect substitute for junk.

I recommend eating fruit as your breakfast or at least as part of it. Your stomach loves nothing better than fruit as the first thing to be eaten in the morning. You can also eat fruit as a snack later in the day. This way, you can incorporate fruit into your diet, displace some or all of the junk and you need not miss out on eating other types of food at other times of the day.


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