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Fast Weight Loss: Three Treatment Procedures


Yoga, weight loss, dieting and exercise are some of the modern buzzwords around the globe. All these words indicate one end – a slim figure or a flab-free physique. Fast weight loss is not just a whim harbored by most, it is a necessity if you want to look attractive. There are several surgical and non-surgical procedures of losing weight. However, most people prefer non-invasive techniques, since they do not entail bandages and girdles and one can resume normal activities within a day of treatment. Some of the most popular non-surgical methods for fast weight and inch loss are mentioned below.

Fast Weight Loss: Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve

Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve are similar fast weight loss methods but with a slight difference. Mesotherapy is an elegant, painless alternative to Liposuction and can be applied on both men and women. Invented by a French physician, Michel Pistor, in 1952, this technique is practiced by 15,000 physicians or more, globally.

This method involves the use of microinjections to infuse homeopathic medications, vitamins and nutrients to the middle skin layer, also called the mesoderm. The concoction of vital drugs stimulates the fat and cellulite cells in specific parts of the body and causes them to melt down. Once the fat cells shrink, they are carried away through the bloodstream and removed through excretion. Unlike the surgical process of Liposuction, a body part that is treated has a smooth result and remains fat-free for a long period of time.

The process of Lipodissolve evolved from Mesotherapy and was initially applied in Italy and Brazil. Lipodissolve utilizes Phosphatidylcholine (PCDC) injections, wherein lies its difference from Mesotherapy, which uses a ‘cocktail’ of substances. This evolved procedure too targets excess fat and cellulite and works in a manner similar to Mesotherapy, but with fewer side effects.

Fast Weight Loss: ZERONA®

This is a non-invasive, fast weight loss technique used for overall weight and inch loss on the entire body. Like the other two methods, ZERONA® is quick and easy and FDA cleared for safety. There is ZERO down time, ZERO surgery and Zero Pain. ZERONA® Lipolaser manufactured by Erchonia, uses a low-level laser beam that opens a pore in the fat cells to release the fat. The fat cell membranes break down and the fat flows out into the interstitial space and is sponged up by the lymphatic system and removed from the body during the detoxification course.


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