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When it comes to men and women – most people know that we have different bodies. Each of us eat differently, burn fat differently and we lose weight differently. While women usually want to be “skinnier” with flat abs and nice tight thighs – men usually want to be bulkier. Nice pecs and ab muscles while also working on things like triceps, biceps and calves. Men also need more protein than women do – especially if they want to “bulk up” so to speak. Usually a guy can get away with drinking protein drinks and get exactly where they want to be. Whereas with women, we have to be careful with that stuff. A few years back a friend of mine – who was a girl – heard about taking protein drinks and how it would help her lose weight.

One problem – she wasn’t taking it accordingly (replacing a meal) and she instead started to GAIN weight trying to figure out why she then talked to her Doc that told her why! Guys would love this (usually), but women? Not so much! When it comes to men and losing weight it’s important to know all these specialized tips, tricks and techniques. So how exactly can you become more aware of what you should eat and what exercises to do if you are a man and want to lose weight? Well one thing you should really consider is looking online! Hey, you can find ALL kinds of stuff online – and dieting is no different. While there are 50 million different books out there – this is not something I am going to recommend to you because it’s a lot of “he said she said” stuff.

You don’t really know what or who to believe. One thing I would suggest is a seven day weight loss program. These are nice because it’s something you can do right from your very own home on your own time. Work a lot? No biggie. Just do it when you can! These programs will teach you exactly what you need to do to get to where you want to be. Want to work on your pecs? Great. Wish your arms looked better? Awesome! Wish you could lose 50 lbs in 6 months? Well now you can. And all with the support system and help that you truly need. Some of us need a “watcher” to remind us of what needs to be done – this is where the virtual personal trainers, emails with specialized workouts for your weight class and meal plans come in! It’s all very simple, very comfortable and incredibly cost efficient and effective.

Unlike the gym – there are no more excuses about being too tired, or too busy, or having too much work. Read the emails and do the workout when you can during the day. Eat the food you are asked to eat and stay away from the stuff you shouldn’t be eating. And most importantly — have that support system you need or want!


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