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Eating For Weight Loss – 3 Essentials To Success




Losing weight does not really have to be a complicated matter, you just have to understand the essentials that have been proven to be successful for many years.  When it comes to weight loss, nutrition is about 90% of the battle.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at the three essential dieting rules to live by that will help you achieve success.

Rule #1 – Eat breakfast

Eating breakfast is such an important rule for successful weight loss that those who do not eat breakfast often struggle to lose weight and struggle to keep it off as well.  Breakfast is important because it has been proven in studies to help do the following:

·      Stimulate metabolism after a night-long fast, thus increasing fat-loss

·      Decrease hunger throughout the day

·      Decrease the risk of making unhealthy food choices throughout the day

·      Increases mental sharpness and decision-making abilities

As you can see, breakfast provides an array of benefits that individually have a great effect on weight loss, and cumulatively will proper your efforts beyond that which you could have ever imagined

Rule #2 – Snack between meals

Snacking is important because it allows you to stimulate the metabolism, burn more fat, lose more weight, and keep your hunger in check.  It is important to keep your hunger in check so you don’t make bad food choices throughout the day, which can be detrimental to your efforts.  The powerful combination of effects that snacking can have will provide you with a one-two punch that is unmatched by other nutritional strategies

Rule #3 – Keep you carbohydrate intake lower at night

There are many people who say to avoid food altogether within three hours of bedtime, however this is not necessary and may actually slow down your metabolism and your weight loss.  Instead, opt for foods loaded with protein and extremely low in fat and carbohydrates.  This provides three essential benefits that will speed up your results, they are:

·      High protein stimulates the metabolism

·      Low carbohydrates allows your body to maximize nighttime growth hormone, which is a powerful fat-burning hormone

·      Low calorie allows your metabolism to burn maximum calories and thus maximize fat loss

As you can see, weight loss comes down to just a few essential rules that when followed have a cumulative effect on your body composition and can quickly and safely help you meet all of your goals.


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Source by Jeffrey Anderson, MD

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