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Do You Know What Not To Eat For Weight Loss?


You probably know what to eat for weight loss. That will be taken care of in your weight loss diet. However, it is equally important that you also know what not to eat for weight loss. So let us get straight into it.

Avoid fried foods. Go for baked, steamed, boiled and grilled foods. Most fast foods are fried. So you know where not to eat for weight loss. What causes the damage? The oil and the heat. Fried foods are full of fat most of which is saturated and trans fat. All this comes from the oil used for frying. You can be sure that fast food outlets do not use olive oil for frying. You would be aware that fatty acids are essential for you. The problem is when foods are fried at high temperatures or heat, these type of fats are destroyed.

Refined sugar and anything sweet. Examples: all candy, chocolate ,sodas and coke. Table sugar, which you use for your morning coffee or afternoon tea is actually a 50/50 mix of fructose and glucose. Nutritional value? None.  Is there more of what sweet stuff you should not eat for weight loss? Yes. It includes plain jam, toffee, gums, boiled sweets, mint sweets and liquorice.

What not to eat for weight loss note 1: To get your early morning fix, substitute coffee with green tea. If you want to gain weight, coffee is good. It will increase your appetite and you can go on feeding it. So you know why coffee is in the what  not to eat for weight loss. Or should be what not to drink? In some languages, drink and eat mean the same thing.  Green Tea on the other hand is a natural fat burner.

What not to eat for weight loss note 2: Be extra cautious with ice cream. They are highly loaded with calories. The numbers or units? One cup of regular vanilla ice has more than 360 calories. More bad news. Half of those calories come from fat that are mostly saturated. The tastier the ice cream, the more calories it contains.

Unhealthy snacks. Some such snacks are potato chips, popcorn, cookies, candy, ice cream and cakes.  Others are salted nuts, smoked nuts, refried beans, popcorn, cookies, ice cream, cakes and pies.

Bread made with white flour. Opt for whole grain breads. Why? White breads have been stripped of their nutritional value. Further, white bread is as bad as table sugar. This is due to the heavy processing which results in a very high glycemic index which is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels.

The list of foods not to eat for weight loss, is indeed a long one. If at all, you need to eat any of the foods mentioned or others that are not good for weight loss, the keyword is moderation.  In addition to what not to eat, for weight loss which will be managed with your weight loss diet, you need also to exercise. When deciding on a weight loss diet or exercise chose one that is simple, practical, safe and natural.


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