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Diets for weight loss – How many are there?


How many diets for weight loss exist now?  I can imagine that there the number is now into the thousands and growing.  There are the celebrity diets, the fad diets, and the quick fix diets that keep growing and growing!

Diets for weight loss are an essential part of the American, and global culture.  With a generation of people who have grown up watching movies, tv, looking at magazines, and now the internet, it is apparent that beauty sells.  In order to be beautiful, it is assumed that you have to be skinny and fit.

But there is another reason other than the typical “looking good” reason and I can sum it up in one word, Health!  According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 67% of Americans are overweight, many of them are obese.  The portions of food that we eat is far larger than what most of the rest of the world eats, and it continues to hurt us.  The TV show “The Biggest Loser” has done wonders for showing how large some people in American are, and how there is a great reason to be healthy and fit.

So how do you lose weight?  Well with diets for weight loss, the theory is simple.  The amount of calories that you intake must be less than what you burn (or consume).  That is the most simple of explanations, however, it is not the whole story. Would it be possible to eat 1200 calories of straight sugar per day, but burn off 1500 calories and lose weight?  Yes, but your body would not be receiving the correct nutrition including proteins and fats that it needs to maintain a balanced diet.

Exercise as a way to lose weight is extremely important, however, some people do not have the physical ability or capacity to exercise.  Some also do not have the time to spend in a gym or running around the block trying to work off the calories that were consumed during the day.  That is why diets are so very important, and why there are so many out there.

So how do you find the right diets for weight loss?  Well, you look at the results of the diet.  Is it popular just because a celebrity endorses it (by the way, they all get paid), or is it because there are proven results.  Does the diet for weight loss make sense or is it like the Atkins diet where you eat only meat, which trades fat around your waist for fat floating in your arteries?

It is easy to find which of the diets for weight loss are right for you.  And only with conscious effort can we as a people decide that it is time to get healthy and to lose the extra pounds that we are carrying.


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