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Coconut Oil – Uses and Health Benefits


Coconut oil, which is made from the content of mature coconut, is highly appreciated worldwide for its medicinal, cosmetic, and therapeutic benefits. The article talks about the benefits of coconut oil and its usage in FMCG industry.

Coconut has been for long time a major source of food in the tropics. Coconut oil is not only used to make delicious food but has high demand in the cosmetic industry for preparing hair oil. It has a slow oxidation rate and a shelf life of about three years or more.

Coconuts have a broad utilization in the health industry due to the fibre and nutrient contents, but what makes them an outstanding food and source of medicine is their almost miraculous oil. The oil is mainly made of MCFA (medium-chain-fatty-acids) that greatly reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and heart disease. These fatty acids will also help the liver and gallbladder because they don’t have to digest and emulsify the medium fatty acids, producing almost instant energy that will raise the body’s metabolic rate, blood circulation and heat production. Anyone with fat digestion or gall bladder problem will obtain great benefits from this oil because it is easy to digest.

Besides fatty acids coconut oil contains lauryl acid that is transformed into “monolaurin”. This secondary compound is highly toxic to bacteria, virus, fungi and other microorganisms due to its property to tear lipid membranes & practically destroying them.

The uses of coconut oil are miscellaneous ranging from cosmetic to scientific demonstrated health benefits.

When it was discovered that the fatty acids that are present in coconut oil have the unique property to lower molecular structure and move freely in the hair cell membrane from inside-out, regenerating it; the demand of coconut oil increased in the hair care industry.

The coconut oil is also very appreciated in the skin-care industry because it contains medium-chain-fatty triglycerides that are extraordinarily beneficial for skin health, moisturizing deeply and providing protection against ultraviolet rays & free radicals.

Coconut oil has a very rich composition of anti-oxidants, natural microbial agents and antibacterial acids. In addition, it provides a significant dose of vitamin E that will accelerate the recovery of dry skin, heal trauma and burns. The oil is great for weight loss because it increases the metabolic rate inside the body. The high quantity of MCFA (medium-chain-fatty acids) in the oil can be easily digested by the stomach and transformed into energy faster than other types of fat.

During a medical study coconut oil was also found to have therapeutic benefits, which can be used in treating pneumonia and providing a rapid relief to patients.

The other demonstrated medical benefits of coconut oil usage are:

• It reduces the diabetes risks and heart associated illnesses

• It reduces the levels of cholesterol and helps in improving bone structure health

• It prevents osteoporosis due to its superior nutrient and mineral absorption rate

It has been recently discovered that the medium-chain triglycerides in the coconut oil also help in the combat against the Alzheimer’s disease. Nowadays, coconut oil has gained the reputation as the healthiest natural oil in the whole world, and many of its medical benefits and uses are still to be discovered.


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