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Desire to loose weight and have attractive sexy body goes together with desire to be and stay healthy. Let me tell you about one paradox you may find useful to know about. Do you know where in the world people have the lowest incidence of heart diseases? Even more interesting is that this is proved despite the fact that people in that part of this globe stuff themselves full of butter and cheese most of them smoke like chimneys! Yes, I refer to France (and southern Europe in general).

Listen to this; the average person in France consumes over 100 grams fat from animal sources per day while we know that the average American consumes about 70 grams. French people eat 3 to 5 times more butter and cheese compared to people in US and nearly 4 times more pork. However, despite this heavy diet, people there have one of the lowest levels of heart and cardiovascular disease on the planet. Why is that, what’s their secret?

Simple – it is the wine, my friends. Actually, real cause of this is the active ingredient found in red wine; a compound called resveratrol. This is one of the most important discoveries is nutritional science. Best source of resveratrol is the skin of the dark grapes but vegans do not rejoice too fast. It oxidizes quickly and it loses its metabolic potency so fresh grapes are not a reach with it. However, red wine is a potent source of resveratrol as the fermentation process retains this phytoestrogens’ unique capacities.

There are many researches that showed different benefits of resveratrol. Powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects resveratrol causes are very desired without the doubt, however there is something about resveratrol I consider more interesting for all of us who have fitness, fat burn and weight loss goals in the top of the priority list.

Resveratrol gives powerful boost to gene responsible for production of protein called sirtuin-1 which blocks a receptor on fat cells. When this receptor is blocked it is shown that two functions desired by many are accruing in human body: 1) the rate at which cells metabolize fat is accelerated very much and 2) formation of new fat is scientifically decreased

I must add conclusion of other studies have proved that the stimulation of this protein by resveratrol also activates the genes that promote a longer, healthier lifespan.

I’ll give you an idea of how much I believe in the health benefits of resveratrol. Previously I never drank red wine and never really cared for its taste at all. However, when I became aware about all the benefits one receives from properly adding it in to the diet, I just could not restrain myself. Actually when I started with Nononsense muscle building program I found out this and few other very useful ways to accelerate my fat loss – lean muscle gain results.

Best of all, the red wine doesn’t have to be the expensive variety either. If you shop around a bit, or even join one of those wine clubs, you’ll find a bottle for around 5 bucks that is very drinkable. Dare I say it, enjoyable! Just be sure to seal the bottle tightly as red wine tends to go acidic.

I’m not advocating that consuming large amounts of red wine is going to get you a lean, ripped midsection. Not for a second. Alcohol is alcohol; it is a calorie-dense nutrient that acts a lot like fat in promoting calorie storage. But smart and complete exercise – diet program like I use and recommend is something which works very fine.

We all desire best possible weight loss – fat burn – muscle growth results and therefore we need use all benefits from newest scientific discoveries like this one. Sometimes these compounds are found in foods that are not your typical weight loss – fitness fare. Smart people will incorporate this new research into their diets and reap the benefits of resveratrol.


Source by Sasha James

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