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Are You Trying Far Too Hard For Safe Weight Loss Results Yet No Success?


STOP if you are if you are overthinking and overdoing it and just torturing yourself to lose weight!

Funny thing to say coming from someone who wants to help you with a healthy diet chart and to lose all the weight you want for good?

Actually, there’s an excellent factor.

You see, you can not attempt to have success. Don’t believe me?

OK, let’s look at an example:

Look around where you are sitting right now and find a few little things.

Now, attempt to pick one of the objects up with your fingers. Go ahead!

Is it in your hand?

If it is, well, then you didn’t attempt at all to pick it up, you just did without any effort.

That means you just decided NOT to pick it up if the object is not in your hand and you did not pick it up.

Isn’t that kind of simple?

There’s no happy medium in doing anything. You can’t “try” to do anything, it’s a misconception.

You either do it, or don’t do it.

When you set out on a daily diet plan (or anything else for that matter), the very same applies to success in that area.

Saying that you’ll “give it a good old college try” lends your mind some fuzzy directions, and it will return fuzzy results, and will be results that aren’t what you really want.

It also provides you an “escape” if you do not achieve the objectives you set out to reach with your daily diet plan.

You see, your subconscious mind does not translate your directions, but rather it simply goes to work following them as complete fact.

When you say you’ll “attempt to shed pounds or flatten the belly, and so forth”, it will “try” to follow your guidelines, which we now know is impossible.

What in fact you want, or, ‘WILL”, (if you really do) is to actually find success at effective weight loss.

– To feel better.

– To have more energy.

– To get rid of health challenges.

– To look terrific.

Now, if you say you want to exercise to lose weight and are not effective, or continue to use language that includes words like “try” or “we’ll see” or “possibly”, perhaps you’re wired in reverse.

Exactly what does that imply?

Previously I discussed free information available on the web about solid mindful approaches with fat flushing fruits to burn metabolism, while mentally seeing yourself reaching your goals.

Somewhere along the way you offered your mind directions that it’s too hard, or impossible.

Perhaps you’re more comfy where you are at now, however, understand that it’s the ideal thing to say that you want success with your new plan.

If this is the case, ask yourself exactly what beliefs you hold that are at odds with exactly what you desire.

“It’s too difficult to lose weight”, or, “It’s impossible it seems”, “I can’t since I ‘d have to exercise all the time,” or, “I can’t because it doesn’t work for me.”

If in fact they hold true, ask yourself.

– Are they making your life easier, or harder?

– Do these beliefs serve you or damage you?

Replace the old beliefs with brand-new ones, and with positive statements about how you want to look.

The best way to lose weight is to prevent saying you’ll “try”, and state you “I am ready and I will” succeed.

Use favorable language and offer your mind specific guidelines like, “I’m now happily content at my perfect weight of (number of pounds) weight” or “I am now deciding to wear a size (your perfect size)”.

In your daily plan consider your language and inner chatter carefully and prevent saying, “I’m going to try”.

It might take consistent attention at the start, however after a short time, you’ll get used to keeping your language favorable, confident and upbeat always included in your daily diet plan.

Your safe outcomes will follow right away, depending upon how positive, dedicated and relentless you remain in applying these mindfulness workouts.

The more confident, dedicated and relentless, the much faster your results will appear.

You CAN do it!

Try to be conscious in your daily diet plan that when you state that you desire to do it, your ego-based mind– that doubting and fearful aspect in we humans, states it does not.

The Course in Miracles states, “Do not underestimate the ego’s demonstrations to those who would listen.”

Somewhere along the way you offered the ego in you control over you and that’s why the ego says, well I’ll “TRY” to do it, but.

Because it wants to stay balanced in fear and self-doubt along with judgement and excuses, the ego is always too afraid for success.

Maybe you’re more comfortable where you are now, but know that it’s the ideal thing to state that you want to lose weight.

The best plan is commitment and being a DOER rather than a ‘Tryer”, so therefore begin now preventing from saying you’ll “attempt”, and state you “WILL” get results.

( Please note I also suggest searching the net for further helpful content on weight loss progress since it means burning metabolism, and here’s best choices as a mindfulness approach.)

To success art reaching your goals for a healthier you!


Source by James Nussbaumer

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