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Anorexia – An Effective Way of Losing Weight?


Losing weight is hard work, no doubt. To be able to achieve that perfectly sexy figure, you have to eat less of your favorite food and more of those healthy veggies plus lots of exercise. But not everyone is gifted with a lot of time to be able to exercise and going green and organic is actually a bit pricey. Because of this, people who can’t lose weight would then opt out of eating. What they would do, then, is to just stop eating. This is actually a very serious case of weight loss because people are actually depriving themselves of eating food, something that is essential to the body. The medical term for this is Anorexia nervosa, but this is commonly known as Anorexia.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that people have and do in order to lose weight. Because they can’t lose weight the usual way, anorexics starve themselves just so that they could lose weight. This is actually very effective if the main goal is just to lose weight. After all, we get all the fats and calories from food. However, this is not the healthiest way. In fact, it is not healthy at all. Anorexics actually do some exercises to lose weight fast, but they do not take in food. Not eating and exercising is not a good combination. Without food, there is not much energy to sustain the body for exercising. Anorexics may then experience anorexia symptoms like dizziness, and they could actually faint while doing so or even in normal days because they don’t have vitamins that are essential to the body.

Their motivation to lose weight is the psychological problem that they have as anorexics. Their phobia is to gain weight. They are so scared of gaining weight that they do not eat. That is what makes it easier for them to avoid food. This is also the reason why anorexia is an effective way of losing weight. In the eyes of an anorexic, they are never skinny or thin enough. Even though they are skins and bones already, they still see themselves as fat and obese people, desperately trying to gain weight. This is their motivation to lose weight.

As mentioned earlier, anorexia is effective only in losing weight as it is not one of the good weight loss tips. It is actually a dangerous way to lose weight and inches. Some of the effects of anorexia are irregular heartbeat and even cardiac arrest, loss of bone and mass, infertility, and delayed growth.

Yes, anorexia is an effectively way of losing weight, but it is not effective in keeping the body fit. What’s the use of being thin if the body’s not healthy right? Although anorexia can definitely help you cut those extra fats, it is not advisable to adopt this as a means of losing weight.


Source by Marielle Liza De Ocampo

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