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Here is an interesting hypothesis – Acai Berry can help one to lose weight. True or False? Before we attempt to demystify that hypothesis, let’s first take a look at how weight loss actually occurs. Only after understanding how the weight loss process works can we begin to see the role of Acai Berry in weight loss programs.

Weight loss programs that don’t work.

There are many weight loss programs that don’t work. For such programs, you will usually observe a short term loss of weight, but once the program has been halted, the individual immediately put on weight again. How did this happen?

Well, such weight loss programs usually start by asking the individual to reduce intake of food, and take additional weight loss supplements. When the body receives less nutrients and fats, it starts to burn of reserves in the body to maintain the same level of energy. As a result, the body starts to lose weight. But losing weight by reducing intake of food is a short term measure. After all, the body cannot go on indefinitely on small amounts of food. So the program stops after a some time. And now the individual starts feasting again. Because the metabolism rate of the body has not changed (or may have declined), the body starts storing up fats again. This leads to the increase in weight.

Weight loss programs that do work.

What is missing from the equation is that there is nothing done to improve the metabolism of the body. The metabolism rate of the body determines the rate at which the body burns off fat. The higher the metabolism rate, the faster it can convert food into energy. And the only way metabolism rate can increase, is through regular exercise. Therefore, there is no avoiding the pain of exercise, if the weight loss program is to work for the long term.

Any weight loss program that do work, has an exercise program. The exercise keeps the cardiovascular system fit, and strengthens all parts of the body. To keep up with the exercise program, the body naturally starts to adjust and metabolism rate is increased. That’s why we sometimes see people who eat and eat and they don’t grow fat. Why? Because they exercise!

The role of Acai berry.

As you can see, diet and exercise both play important roles in the weight loss program. What is interesting about the Acai berry is that it contains many different types of nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Perhaps its most important feature is its ability to function as an antioxidant.

An antioxidant helps remove harmful toxins from the body. In the course of our daily lives, we may have inhaled or consumed harmful substances that we don’t even know about. Over time, such substances may build up to harmful levels and weaken our immune system.

Our immune system is central to our overall health. When the system fails, our frail bodies become vulnerable to all kinds of illnesses and diseases.

By removing harmful toxins from the body, the Acai berry has an immediate impact on our immune system – it helps to strengthen the system. Only with a healthy body can an individual continue to stick with a strict exercise regime.

In this way, the Acai berry helps the body to regain its vitality so that it can continue to lose weight and stay healthy.


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