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A Must-Try Wicca Weight Loss Spell That Actually Works!


Losing weight is one of the ever growing fads which is here to stay. People have different reasons as to why they want to lose weight. Women want to lose extra pounds to boost their self-esteem. Society nowadays put s high regard to women who can actually maintain a 24-inch waist. We frown upon women who have big arms, wider waists, and chubby cheeks.

We cannot blame these people if they want to lose weight. Aside from this, people want to lose weight mainly for health reasons. A lot of diseases are precipitated by accumulation of excess fats in the human body. So as to avoid further health degradation, the older population in general would resort to eating healthy and exercising daily.

New-age Wicca has recently introduced spells to help people lose weight. Weight loss spells were not rampant during the middle ages. Witches in this period did not care much about how fat they have become, or how unhealthy their eating habits were. It is the middle ages, weight and figure does not really matter much during these times. This is probably the reason why folk tales involving witches describe them as stout or pudgy. Wiccan weight loss spells have not been concocted during this period in Wiccan history.

Since women mostly perform Wiccan weight loss spells, it is crucial that they call upon Goddesses to aid in their request. Usually Wiccans evoke the aid of Venus, the Goddess of Beauty. It really does not matter which Goddess a person calls upon to help her in granting the request. Venus also symbolizes the moon, which to Wiccans is sacred for it lights up the night sky during rituals and sabbatical celebrations.

They believe that the moon brings them mystical powers, and provides them with the energy which they need for spiritual sustenance. Some Wiccans practice moon bathing, wherein they are skyclad (naked) under a full moon. They believe that this is an effective way of harnessing energy, and also provides the body with vitality and vigor.

A very effective weight loss spell is the Venus Evocation. This spell has been passed on from generations of witches since the 1950s. The beauty about spell-casting in Wicca is that you can change or alter some steps or procedure according to your preference. Wiccans are very open about their spell-casting rituals that they encourage fellow Wiccans to go through their Book of Shadows to share Wiccan spells and potions, which they have found to be very effective and powerful.

Here’s the Venus Evocation that surely will help you to lose some of the weight that you have been dying to shed off:

“Venus, Goddess of Beauty. Goddess of Women. Goddess of Love. I evoke your power to aid me, make me strong; to fill me with your power, to help me in my purpose. To be the best that I can be.”

This sounds very general and non-specific to losing weight. You can add a stanza or two about how many pounds you want to lose. Also be specific with how long you would want to lose them. Since you have started with evoking the Goddess Venus, it is a must that you also address to her the next stanzas which you will create.


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