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A Brief Review Of Dr. Bernstein Weight Loss Program


One of the reasons why Dr. Bernstein weight loss program has become one of the most popular weight loss programs of the decade is because it is based on a practical approach to modern lifestyles. Americans have particularly learnt to trust the doctor in matters pertaining to weight loss. If you visit any Dr. Bernstein Health and Diet Clinic, whether in Canada, Virginia or wherever else in North America, you will realize that this program has helped masses of people. The flocking of patients will attest to the fact. So what is the program all about?

The Dr. Bernstein weight loss program has been crafted and is administrated by doctors, health professionals and nurses. These are people that you have learnt to trust with your life in most cases, and you can also entrust them with your weight issues. The team of professionals assesses your weight situation and then utilizes their expertise in designing a concoction of the right diet, medication and exercise program to remedy your health status. You benefit from a weight loss program that is tailor-made for and administered to you personally.

The medical staff of Dr. Bernstein weight loss clinics usually keep a close tab on your progress during the weight loss program so that they modify what is not working for you. The good thing about initiating a Dr. Bernstein weight loss program is that, the program is designed around your lifestyle and it requires very little adjustments. People find it agreeable to their lifestyle since it is possible to carry on with your normal life and still manage your weight effectively.

The program promises very quick results (Two weeks) if you follow their routine directions. Within the first moth and onwards, you will have successfully shed between 6 and 20 pounds. It has been said that their record holder in weight loss now stands at 159.2 pounds, all shed off in 8 months flat.

The essence of the program is to structure a diet and exercise program that stimulates fat oxidation naturally, and then this is augmented by medication to go to an overdrive. The program doesn’t advocate starvation diets but insist in providing the body with adequate nutrition even during weight loss. Again, weight loss should only deplete fatty tissues and not your electrolytes, vital proteins and muscle tissue. Once weight loss has been achieved, the Dr. Bernstein weight loss program provides a maintenance program that urges behavior modification and other weight management strategies to keep the weight off.


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