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5 Weight Loss And Diet MythsThat Hinder Fat Burning


5 Weight Loss And Diet Myths That Are Sabotaging Your Fat Loss Goals

Myth #1 – Any results producing weight loss and diet program to be effective is complicated, with calorie counting and specifics on telling what to eat and when to eat based on your specific metabolic type / blood type and the positioning of the stars..

WEIGHT LOSS FACT: When it comes to fat loss either in your workouts or nutrition any program should use the KISS principle(Keep IT Simple Stupid). An effective weight loss and diet plan does NOT have to be complicated. In fact, the simpler the program the better your results will be. The more restrictive the diet, the more likely it will fail you. The fact is if your weight loss and diet plan(as well as your workouts) is that complicated you will probably get very frustrated with it and give up

Myth #2 – You must be in total control of what you eat. After all, weight loss comes from WHAT you eat, not HOW MUCH you eat.

WEIGHT LOSS FACT: This is probably weight loss and diet nutrition myth of them all. Simplify: If you want to lose weight you MUST create a caloric deficit (Eat less calories than you burn off). As soon as you find a simple way to eat less calories you’ve won the weight loss battle, stressing over special ways to eat and special types of food to eat will NOT improve your weight loss beyond a simple calorie deficit.

Myth #3 – Intermittent Fasting Is Just Another Type Of Diet Fad

WEIGHT LOSS FACT: Flexible Intermittent Fasting is supported by a large amount of research and is effective for many people of all different ages and walks of life. From professional fitness models to the over 50 crowd, an amazing amount of people are switching to the intermittent fasting.

Myth #4 – Some Macronutrients Are Better  Than Others For weight Loss, Because Of The Effect They Have On Rare Or Recently Discovered ‘Fat Burning Hormones’.

Weight Loss Fact: Fat is not BAD, and protein isn’t really that special, and carbohydrates are perfectly fine to eat, (even sugar). The amount of fat, carbs, or protein you eat in your daily diet will not drastically effect your ability to lose weight, as long as you are eating the right amount of total calories you need to lose fat.

Myth #5 –   You Lose Muscle If You Don’t Eat Every Two To Three Hours.

WEIGHT LOSS FACT: Having a body with lean muscle burns more fat.You will not lose muscle if you miss a meal. In fact, you won’t even lose muscle if you miss an entire day of meals. The biggest things that determines how much muscle you have is your genetics and your workouts. As long as you are following a well designed workout plan you will not lose any muscle while dieting.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create a calorie deficit for fat loss stop worrying about calorie counting, fat content or losing muscle.

The bottom line is that losing weight loss does not have to be difficult, does not need to involve obsessive compulsive eating or secret combinations of foods.


Source by Joe Gagliano

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