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Why You Need An Orthodontist


You’ll probably never hear the words, a few crooked teeth won’t matter, if you happen to know the president’s mother. Matter-in-fact most leaders who are serious about their position have good oral hygiene. As parents it’s our responsibility to take care of our children’s teeth. You may never know, but with the right guidance, your child could be president one day. You’ve never seen a President with bad teeth, have you?

That’s how serious Charlotte Orthodontics Care is about not only fixing teeth, and feel that with good teeth, your child will have a better smile. They will have the confidence they need through out their growing up years. They have self assurance to accept life’s challenges as stepping stones.

Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC can provide such an experience. They are leaders in technology, who provides clean, hygienic and exceptionally friendly environment for your family. The staff knows your family by name and want their experience to be pleasant.

The beautiful smile is what you want, whether you’re a child or an adult who needs braces. There are options to choose from such as:

• Regular and familiar braces for both children and adults

• AcceleDent can make your orthodontic treatment in less time by 38 to 50%

• Clear aligners like Invisalign

• Damon System offers self-ligating braces

Finding the right Charlotte Orthodontics Care, means finding an orthodontist that your family are comfortable with. Braces are a long term commitment, and you want to know the staff will go out of their way to make you and your child comfortable. They will be with you and help you and your family understand what you can expect. Be assured that it a privilege for your orthodontist to help you and your family to see how straighter and healthy teeth benefit you, whether a child or adult.

Keep in mind that teeth will shift at any age for a variety of reasons. They can change how you smile and how you feel about yourself. Regular visits will help keep your smile, as the orthodontist will track any changes in your teeth. Even if your child may never be president, you can be assured that with the right Orthodontics in Charlotte, NC, your child has that chance with an amazing smile that you can expect and who knows where it can lead them in the future.

Benefits from the right orthodontic care is life long. Choosing the type of braces you want doesn’t have to be hard. Talking to your orthodontist will help you decide the right care for you. Allow Valeriano Orthodontics to introduce your family to a lifetime choice.



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