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What Is a Family Dental Plan?


Knowing how expensive oral healthcare can be, providers all over the world have started introducing affordable family dental plans. But contrary to common belief, these discounts aren’t just available to those experiencing financial difficulties – anyone can apply and be accepted in a few short minutes online.

Many people don’t receive dental care policies from their employers, and insurance policies can often be limiting, leaving those on low incomes struggling to afford the procedures they need. Even those with more disposable income can find themselves shocked by these climbing prices so we could all do with making a saving in this area.

With affordable dental plans, you can sign up your entire family (three or more individuals) and start saving thousands on your annual dentist bills. You will still receive the professional, high quality care that you need – just at a fraction of the cost of conventional dentists.

You stand to save up to 50% or more by signing up, so there really is nothing to lose. You could also choose to supplement your existing policy with an affordable plan to make sure your family is fully covered.

But can a family dental plan really benefit you? And will you really qualify? The short answer is yes: everyone is accepted, regardless of personal circumstances or medical history. What’s more, you stand to gain a lot by joining up in addition to the obvious financial benefits it poses – of which there are many.

Discounted dental care covers all areas of oral health. What’s more, providers will generally offer unlimited visits, so there will be no cap on the number of appointments you make. This is great news if anyone in your family needs a lengthy procedure or multiple fillings that will span over more than one visit, as you won’t be worrying about the cost.

Your provider will scan your local area for discount practitioners and then match you to qualified dentists in your area. You should be able to scroll through and choose your dentist yourself according to their patient reviews and credentials. You can then visit the same dentist for your next visit, or choose another one according to your preference.

The availability of these dentists means that you will never need to wait around for a procedure. There is no waiting list, so your cover will begin right away and you will be able to be seen as soon as you like. This gives you flexibility to arrange your dentist visits around your existing family commitments like work, school and leisure activities.

Depending on which provider you choose, you also stand to make savings on your prescriptions, too. This can save you over 20% on your generic medicines, as well as other injected medicines used for a variety of long-term health conditions.

You may also receive discounted visual care. This means saving money on eye examinations, contact lenses and prescription glasses from thousands of leading opticians and chemists nationwide. This is great news for anyone in your household who wears glasses, or may need to in the future.

Now that you’re convinced of the benefits of signing up to a discount dental plan, you will need to research the different providers online in order to find the best one for your unique situation. Make sure you read the full terms and conditions, as well as the disclosure page on the provider’s website.

Reading this information will give you an accurate picture of what is included in your plan, as well as your rights to cancel your membership if you need to. There are also individual, group and senior memberships available that may be beneficial to you or other people you know.


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