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What is a Discount Dental Plan?


How is a discount dental plan different from dental insurance?

A discount dental plan, also known as a dental savings plan, is an affordable alternative to dental insurance. There is no waiting period, no deductible, and no annual maximum benefit.

Unlike dental insurance, dental savings plans have no restrictions. They are easy to join and there is no paperwork to file and no prior approval needed. You get discount rates on all dental services, like exams, cleanings, teeth whitening, braces, etc. You simply present your card to a participating dentist and receive a discount on the services you need.

Dental insurance works like most medical insurance: you pay a monthly premium for coverage and the insurance pays for a portion of the procedure costs. With dental insurance, you will have waiting periods (as long as a year or more for some services), plan restrictions, annual maximum benefits—and even exclusions on some procedures.

How does a discount dental plan work?

Anyone can join a dental savings plan. You don’t need to be part of a company or group. A discount dental plan can be a monthly or an annual membership. As a member, you will have secured discount rates on all dental services from participating dentists —with no waiting period and no prior approval. There are no exclusions and no annual maximums.

How do I know if a dental savings plan is for me?

If you or your family have no dental coverage, if you are self-employed, retired or are part of a small business, a dental savings plan can be an affordable alternative to dental insurance. Even if you have dental insurance, a discount dental plan can supplement your insurance and offer you discounts on hundreds of different procedures.

Discount dental plans are a legitimate alternative to dental insurance. Licensed plans follow strict state guidelines and, more often, offer more value than dental insurance for individuals, families, and small employers. Dental savings plans provide an easier, more affordable way to obtain the services you need, whether for routine care, dental emergencies, or major dental procedures.


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